Astronaut In Toyota Super Bowl Commercial is PINOY!

It’s great to see some representation in international media!

As a lot of you may know, the Super Bowl is the MOST-WATCHED show in America every year — American football is as quintessentially American as you can get. (Mainly because we Pinoys have claimed basketball for ourselves… kidding! Or am I?)

As with most highly-watched television airings, these are usually bombarded with advertisements, and the Super Bowl is no exception! Aside from the game itself and the much-awaited half time performances, it’s basically Super Bowl tradition to air big, jaw-dropping commercials.

One of the most memorable commercials to come out this year was for the Toyota Prius — which featured an Asian astronaut.

Guess what: this astronaut is Pinoy!!

Super Bowl commercial Filipino Reuben Uy

Former Mellow 94.7 DJ and now US-based actor Reuben Uy was chosen to be part of this awesome Toyota commercial! In an interview with, Reuben shared:

For the Toyota commercial, I got the audition through my commercial agent. He sent me to the casting office to audition, I got called back and they chose me.

And how was it like playing astronaut?

The moment I tried on the space suit was awesome because the costume was well designed and looked like it came out of a marvel comic book.

According to Reuben, Toyota was keen on casting Asians as they had dubbed versions in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese versions as well.

Reuben seems to be doing pretty well in the States, with a new film called “Zoombies” coming out, from the same producers behind Sharknado, as well as staged reading of a musical called Gold Mountain which will be presented to Stephen Schwartz in the ASCAP/Dreamworks musical theater workshop.

Watch his commercial below and prepare to be amazed!

Thoughts on this? Did you catch the Super Bowl last time??