WATCH: New Asian Gangster Film Proves Filipinos Are Not to Be Messed With

Don’t mess with the Asians.

This is the message that Filipino-American filmmaker, Chris Soriano, aims to impart to audiences worldwide with his new film project titled “Dynasty Boys”—an Asian gangster movie inspired by the struggles he faced growing up.

dynasty boys film

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“At 13, I was almost killed by neighborhood gangs,” Chris shares in the film’s trailer. “I grew up in a rough area where you always had to fight to survive and there was always a war going on between the Mexican, Black, and Asian gangs. That reality that I lived I created into this film to show the world where at-risk youth and Asian-Americans like me come from.”

The trailer shows said young Asian-Americans, bullied and threatened every day by these gangs, trying to stand up for themselves and prove that they aren’t as weak as they are made to feel. By the looks of the initial clips, we can already tell that it’s going to be intense and epic, and definitely worth watching out for!

Other than the Asian representation it promises, audiences will also love that it can open up dialogue about the discrimination and racism that minorities live with every day. Chris hopes that, through people’s support, he can share his story and his message to the world.

Watch the trailer below:

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