Ashley Gosiengfiao Gets Flak For ‘Flaunting Extravagant Lifestyle’—Here’s Her Reaction

Musician, cosplayer, and gamer girl Ashley Gosiengfiao didn’t mince words when she responded to a negative comment on her latest YouTube vlog post that criticized her and her sister, Alodia, for “flaunting” their “extravagant lifestyles” amid current issues in the country.


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The comment was found in Ashley’s video unboxing her dream camera, a Leica, which is what Alodia has been using for her cosplay photoshoots since 2015.

“Oh how nice it would be to be so rich and out of touch that I could make vlogs about cameras that cost 400,000+ Peso or US$8000+,” the comment read.I’m sorry ladies but you may live in a fantasy world where money means nothing but the rest of us have to work to feed ourselves. Unemployment in the Philippines is currently close to 50% people are literally starving in [Manila] and you two are flaunting your money and extravagant lifestyles. Do you have any compassion for your fellow Filipinos?”

Ashley then screencapped the comment and shared her reaction to it on a Facebook post.

“Sigh. Another one of those people who look down on us who game for a living and think it’s no work and all play,” she wrote, as she defended her choice to treat herself for all the hard work she’s done in her career.

“Excuse me but my body is literally failing already because of being overworked. So I believe I’m allowed to enjoy the fruits of my own labor and invest the funds that I’ve worked so damn hard for into something that could up the level of the content that I produce, coz you know, it’s 2020 and this job is a legit one FYI.”

She also jumped on Twitter to add: “Some people will see your journey as inspiration, and some will see it as “excessive flaunting.” Can’t please everyone, indeed. But I’m glad I am appealing to the right kind.”

Watch her latest vlog below:

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