Ash Ketchum and Pikachu Officially Bid Farewell From the Pokemon Series

It seems like just yesterday when I was watching Pokemon on my grandmother’s TV… but it has actually already been 25 years. Wow. To be honest, despite having a daughter of my own now (who is also a Pokemon lover), it hasn’t really sunk in how long it has been… until the official Pokemon Instagram account posted a video of Ash Ketchum leaving town.

Ash Ketchum Pikachu Pokemon Series Farewell

Photo from @pokemon on Instagram

The video marks the end of Ash’s journey as the lead Pokemon trainer of the Pokemon series. After 25 whole years, it is true that Ash deserves to finally be a Pokemon world champion… but it still hurts. It is definitely the end of an era.

Ash and Pikachu will be replaced by Liko, Roy, Friede, and Captain Pikachu in the new series Pokemon: Horizons. Will you still be watching?

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