ARSAFEST 2018: Kickstreet’s Band Night


Music has been one of the greatest glories this world has to offer, and the Philippines is far from short of it. ARSAFEST 2018: Kickstreet’s Band Night, in partnership with Salu-Salo SOSS Week, is a night that showcases the greatest and up-and-coming Original Pilipino Music talents including Ben&Ben, Carousel Casualties, Rob & The Hitmen, Lance Salazar, Devices, and Any Name’s Okay. Through a night filled with music, food and fun, BAND NIGHT is an avenue for people to enjoy and bask in the youthful culture of individuality and creativity. The BAND NIGHT is also a good opportunity for the youth to embrace the uniqueness and richness of the Original Pilipino Music. The Band Night will be held in the Cervini Field at the Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Schools on April 5, 2018.