Armi Millare Leaves Up Dharma Down After 17 Years, Here’s Why

Armi Millare just posted an announcement on her social media accounts. After almost 18 years, the lead vocalist/keyboardist is apparently leaving the award-winning Filipino alternative rock band Up Dharma Down. She wrote: “I almost don’t know where to begin. I’ve thought long and hard about the best time to do this and came to the realization that there’s no “best time” to deliver a message like I’m about to.”

Photo from Armi Millare on Facebook

“Last June, I decided to sever ties with Terno Recordings, its mother company MTME and as [a] consequence [of] this, my band, UDD. For the last 17 years, I have experienced and learned so much in the company of my bandmates along with every person we have had the pleasure of interacting with,” the artist recalled.

“UDD has remained my longest relationship–one that I’ve tried to keep sacred and tried to preserve with the principles I have upheld from the moment I learned that I had a dream: that one day I would be in that one band I would dedicate my life to,” she continued. “I see that there was more progress than perfection during our time together and I’m willing to let it end where it has. We had a good run.”

Photo from UDD on Facebook

Armi said that she wanted to keep her separation from the band private. However, she owes it to the fans to bid them goodbye and then expressed her gratitude. “In an ideal world, I would prefer to keep such parting private but the bottom line points to my job being one that is public–something I have transparently struggled to balance being the way that I am. I owe this announcement to you, all the listeners of the music, to let you know that your patronage and love of the band gave me the experience of a lifetime.”

Photo from UDD on Facebook

“I hope that everyone who sees this looks at this as more of a beginning for us four individuals, whether we choose to pursue music as a career in the years to come or not, and that we get the support of those who know what it means to walk into a new chapter of their lives,” the vocalist wrote. She then wished the best for her bandmates. “I wish everyone in the group, our crew, and cohorts the best with all my heart. There is nothing more I fear than the unknown, but I would rather be fighting my fears than letting it hold me down while I seek peace like I always have,” she concluded.

Photo from UDD on Facebook

Up Dharma Down also posted an announcement on their official Facebook Page. The remaining members of the band wrote: “Hi Everyone, We wanted to let you know that Armi has left UDD. We thank her for sharing her talent and artistry in the songs we created together. We’ll never forget how the four of us started out, how thrilled we were in 2004 to finally be playing at Saguijo to a crowd of twenty people.”

They shared their support for their former co-member’s decision. “Although we’re sad to see her leave the band, we wish her all the best as she embarks on her solo career. And we hope you can all support her future projects as well. We, the remaining members, will continue to make music under Terno Recordings. This will be a new and different adventure for us and we hope you can be a part of it too,” UDD reassured their fans.

Photo from UDD on Facebook

Finally, the band also thanked their supporters. “We would like to thank you, our fans and listeners, for being with us on this journey–17 years, 4 albums, and thousands of gigs. We are so grateful. We really wouldn’t have made it this far without all of you. Please keep supporting OPM! Love, Carlos, Paul, and Ean.”

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