Ariana Grande’s new tattoo doesn’t mean what she thinks it means

In a now-deleted Instagram post Ariana Grande shared her latest tattoo with us. It’s a tattoo of the Japanese characters: “七輪”. She thought they translated to “7 rings” but her fans were quick to point out the mistake.

Apparently, the tattoo translates to “Japanese style bbq grill” and not “7 rings”. Native Japanese speakers explain the mistake as one of direct translation versus using the language in context. What this means is that the characters do literally translate to 7 rings since 七 = 7 and 輪 = wheel/ring. But when the characters are used together, they mean “bbq grill”.

This was supported by my own search on google translate. I’m not really sure how “tambourine” got in the mix, but it does say “earthen charcoal brazier”.

Ariana Grande acknowledged the mistake on Twitter too (though these tweets are now deleted). It seems like she knew about the mistake but opted to go for the shortcut since the tattoo hurt too much. Several people do say that the spot on her hand is one of the most painful places to get inked.

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At least it looks like she’s learning to embrace her tattoo! I’m personally more confused about why her hands look like a doll’s..

Have you got funny tattoo stories of your own? Share them with us in the comments! 

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