Aquaman’s Message to the Surface Dwellers (A No-Spoiler Movie Review)


PG-13 | 2h 23 min |  12 December 2018 (Philippines) | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Based on the DC Comics character of the same name comes a superhero fantasy action adventure directed by James Wan. Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa), also known as Aquaman, is the half-human, half-Atlantean protagonist of this movie who finds out that he is the one true King of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Raised on Earth (aka the surface), he is called to step forward and lead his people to stop his brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) from waging war against the surface dwellers.

Say the word “Aquaman” and girls will most likely squeal and comment about Jason Momoa, the lead actor of the movie. Honestly, I can’t blame them. I have to admit that he has a certain charm that makes the movie even more enjoyable to watch. Plus, there’s his physique. He’s really fit to be a superhero with a story worth telling. Come on, he can throw a huge submarine like it’s a 7-year old’s toy!


The real star here, though, is Director James Wan (“Fast & Furious” and “The Conjuring”) who consistently offers interesting visuals that ensured the almost 3-hour movie wasn’t boring at any moment!


After a seconds-long cameo in ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)’, Aquaman was introduced in Justice League. Now, DC’s water-breathing warrior gets his story told in a psychedelic, fun, and kick-ass way. Although the CGI was an overwhelming underwater spectacle galore at times, I enjoyed watching the movie – even the cheesy parts!


A lot of Marvel fans out there couldn’t help but compare Aquaman to Thor (it’s really similar!), going to show that Aquaman was able to give justice to his underwater adventures. There were several super cool fight scenes like the first one with Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) that was apparently filmed in a single take. Just wow.

What I appreciated the most about the movie is the message it tried to send to us surface dwellers about how we treat the world underneath us: what we throw out there will be thrown back at us. Let’s not wait for the one true king (if there is really one… who knows, right?) to finally find the missing trident and command the sea to wage war against us.

Aquaman premiered in the Philippines cinemas last December 12, 2018 and we got to watch it, thanks to PMCM Events Management and Resorts World Manila.

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