applewerkz – Great Gadget Care Finds to Save Your Life!

applewerkz – Great Gadget Care Finds to Save Your Life!


It’s fun to shop! We always find good and quality goods that we surely can’t resist around the metro! Let me tell you guys why you should buy gadgets and gadget care products at applewerkz!


1. Quality Products

I don’t know if I’m the only one who’s guilty of this, but do you ever just put your things in your bags without thinking twice? Doesn’t it suck when you do that in a big bag or when you are in a rush? And then you end up with a scratched phone because of all of the other things inside of your bag?


What I like about applewerkz is that they are the only store I’ve encountered (so far) that has a full body protection skin. Having an iPhone 5C with a plastic casing makes it great to have one of these because I no longer have to worry about scratches on my iPhone. I literally don’t need to worry about my phone getting scratched inside my bag anymore!


2. Wide Variety of Products

Everybody wants to be unique in one way or another, and that includes how our gadgets look. We want to set trends and have a different look compared to others, right? (On that note, check out how you can create a unique Bratpack here, as well: Pin and Patch with the Bratpack Remix Program and Stand Out from the Rest!)

Well, that’s exactly applewerkz can offer! They have a wide variety of phone cases and gadget care products with unique designs that will make your gadgets stand out and make you want to buy them! I like having simple gadget care accessories, but I want them to be simple and elegant at the same time. That is how my iPhone 5C looks now, thanks to applewerkz!



3. Convenience and Accessibility

I know that there are different kinds of shopping preferences for everyone. Some people like to go to the mall and actually feel and see what they buy. Some prefer to just sit back and relax while they shop online. Well, applewerkz offers both options for the utmost convenience! You can choose to either shop online or at their physical stores!

I personally love online shopping and the convenience that comes with it! That is why applewerkz really worked for me. But then again, if you’re like other people who actually need to feel and see a certain product, you don’t have to worry because applewerkz has shops that you can go to, so you can see how great their products are for yourself before buying them!


So, while it may be true that there are a lot of shops for gadget care accessories out there, you should definitely still check out applewerkz for all of your gadget accessories needs!





applewerkz stores are located at West Center, Alabang; Cyberzone SM Southmall, Las Pinas; Digital Exchange, Glorietta 3; Greenhills, San Juan; G/F Greenbelt 1; 225 Katipunan Ave; Marquee Mall Pampanga; and Cetrio Ayala Mall, Cagayan De Oro City

For online purchases and inquiries, you can also call 02 9946645 or 0917 4178888.



applewerkz – Great Gadget Care Finds to Save Your Life!