Angels On The Road: Bless This Driver For His Integrity

It’s that time of the year again for Halloween parties and gimmicks but for Abby Gabriel, the true horror is waking up the next day and finding out that she left her laptop in the Uber vehicle she rode in. Suddenly, the festivities of the previous night’s Halloween party were replaced with dread because of the missing laptop.

Fortunately for her, Kuya Jose Darwin, the driver of the Uber she rode in, is one that would restore your faith in humanity.

Have a look at her post:



Last night, we had our Halloween Party and I took an Uber ride going home. Unfortunately, I left my laptop inside the driver’s car.

I woke up around 6am and realized that my laptop was missing! MINI HEART ATTACK. So I decided to text and call the driver but he didn’t respond. After 3 hours, the driver replied saying that he already gave my laptop to the next passenger after me ’cause he thought it belongs to that person. (Tinanggap naman. Ang galing.) Medyo panic ako, syempre. Soooo, I gave him a call. Calmly, I asked for the passenger’s contact name and mobile number but the driver can’t track it anymore aside from the address he dropped the passengers to, which was in Taft. I told the driver to text me the exact address so I could go to that place and miraculously find the person who took my laptop. But then, the driver didn’t text me and turned off his phone. From that moment, I felt hopeless.

After 1 hour, my phone suddenly rang. And, yes! It was the driver! And I quote, “ma’am nandito po ako ngayon sa Taft. Pinuntahan ko po yung pasahero na napag-bigyan ko ng laptop niyo. Pasensya na po akala ko sakanya yung laptop. Eto po kausapin niyo siya”. I BURSTED AGAIN INTO TEARS. LEGIT HAGULGOL, BES. He was also willing to go to my house just to give my laptop. 

Million thanks to you, Kuya Darwin. Indeed, not all heroes wear capes and not all angels have wings. 


Now that’s a story worth sharing, after the countless mishaps on the road. Imagine that! He even went out of his way to help a passenger. Hopefully, there are more Kuya-Jose-Darwins out there to make our commute lives extra better. You deserve the recognition, Kuya Jose Darwin! Thank you for being a light in this dimming world.

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