“Angel Has Fallen” highlights loyalty and betrayal, friendship and family

Words by Justin Francia

Olympus was saved and so was London but what if the savior is now the downfall’s target? Angel Has Fallen is the third movie in the Fallen series, following the action films Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen.

Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler, is pinned down and accused of an attempted assassination of the president, played by actor Morgan Freeman. Wanting to find the real culprit, he struggles to free his name from the accusation as he tries to solve the mystery behind the ambush. Mike, as a Secret Service Agent, now finds it hard who to believe in the state forces while state forces also find it hard to believe him–a person who’s been held responsible for such a huge crime.

Loyalty and betrayal are the two clashing themes which are brilliantly brought together in the film. These two themes create conflict among the characters and these two questions come with them, too: Who remains faithful? And who becomes the traitor at a time where allegiance and duty are needed most? Faced with different challenges and hardships that must be dealt with by high-ranking state officials, it becomes hard for the characters to think decisions through as the life of the president is at risk.

But the movie is not all about guns and glory, it gives importance to how it portrays high-ranking state officials. Angel Has Fallen shows that even the toughest people are also humans with weaknesses, with families of their own that they have to protect, with friendships that they have to stay true to–and sometimes, there are decisions that have to be made in spite of these things.

While trying to make loyalty visible in the midst of betrayal, Angel Has Fallen possesses a more human touch compared to the first two films of the Fallen series–and this is what people should watch out for the most.

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