Andi Eigenmann’s 3-Year-Old Daughter Surfing on Her Own Is the Motivation We Didn’t Know We Needed

Andi Eigenmann’s daughter Lilo just started learning how to surf, and the 3-year-old is a natural!

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Photos: Andi Eigenmann on Instagram

The proud momma shared clips on her social media saying, “Lilo surfing on her own at 3 yrs old.” Although Lilo’s parents were surprised to know she’s a regular, what else should we expect from the child of one of the best surfers in the country? Andi shared that her fiancé Philmar Alipayo, Lilo’s dad and surfing coach, cheered her on as she rode the waves. “We are surprised to learn that she is a regular! Surf coach papa immediately says ‘Oh yes, Cloud 9, lez gooo’,” she wrote.


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In the video she posted, the island mama also noted that “you can see her becoming more confident, and paddling for her waves at the end.” Watch Andi Eigenmann’s 3-yo daughter Lilo surfing on her own below!



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“Really proud of her for trying, but most of all for having so much [fun], as she repeatedly said,” Andi adds.

Seeing the brave young girl ride the waves on her own, we have to admit that it is truly the motivation we didn’t know we needed this year! But, uhm… we might also be needing the same kind of support and optimism by Andi and Philmar in our lives. 😛

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