Andi Eigenmann Shares Some Mementos, Old Photos Found in Mom Jaclyn Jose’s Room

Andi Eigenmann took a moment to remember her mom, Jaclyn Jose, on her Instagram Stories as she shared some mementos and old photos she found in the late actress’ room.

“I am greeted by this as I enter Nanay’s room. Hi Nanay [heart emoji],” Andi wrote in her Story after taking a picture of a copy of Savvy magazine where she and her mom were the cover models.

jaclyn jose andi eigenmann savvy magazine

Photo from Instagram/andieigengirl; Sourced from fashionpulis

The magazine was published in October 1997.

Andi also shared a few printed pictures of Jaclyn Jose with Andi’s father Mark Gil.

jaclyn jose mark gil andi eigenmann instagram

Photo from Instagram/andieigengirl; Sourced from fashionpulis

jaclyn jose mark gil andi eigenmann instagram 2

Photo from Instagram/andieigengirl; Sourced from fashionpulis

Jaclyn Jose, real name Mary Jane Santa Ana Guck, passed away on March 2, 2024, at the age of 60. Andi confirmed that the cause of death was a heart attack. She has won multiple acting awards throughout her career including the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress for the 2016 movie “Ma’ Rosa” which she is currently the only Filipino recipient.

In a touching tribute, Andi expressed her gratitude to her late mother for always being there to guide them and that she will always remember her mother’s presence.

Higit pa sa sapat ang itinira mong pagmamahal para kami ay hindi mangulila. Habang buhay kong dadalhin ang iyong mga ala-ala. Maraming salamat sa iyong gabay, Nay [Your love is more than enough for us not to feel empty. I will carry your memories for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for your guidance, mom],” she wrote.

Sa kahit saang parte ng aking buhay parati kitang madarama. Parati kitang makikita. Ika’y nasa araw, sa ulan, at sa hanging aking nilalasap. Umaawit ng kantang puno ng pag-asa at ligaya [In any part of my life, I will always feel your presence. I will always see you. You are in the sun, in the rain, and in the wind that I breathe. Singing a song full of hope and joy].”

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