Ananya PH: Look Smart and Confident in Any Outfit with These Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit. If you are looking for shoes that will perfectly put together any outfit, you need to check out Ananya PH.

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Jessica Quito had her daughter when she was 24. “Since then, I knew my life was no longer about me, but about that tiny person who calls me mom,” she shares. “Whenever I look at her, I always think about the future.” Growing up in a middle class family, Jessica started with nothing and had to double her efforts. “It took me a while to realize how to move forward,” she admits. “Apparently, I just had to look down – to my feet. Because why not? I’ve always loved to look confident wherever I go.”

Photo from Ananya PH

Ananya serves as a reminder for Jess – a reminder that no matter what path you go through or how big the stones are that are thrown at you, you will come out beautifully. More importantly, Ananya serves as a message to Jessica’s daughter – to be unique and limitless, and never to compare herself to others because we all have our own journeys to take.

“I want my daughter to share this message with all of the young girls out there,” she shares. “Even in these tough times, we need to find that uniqueness to encourage yourself and others to go on.”

Photo from Ananya PH

Ananya’s designs are a representation of Jessica’s style. Although not an expert, Jessica’s goal has always been to look smart and confident, whatever her outfit may be and wherever she may go; and she showcases this perfectly in her shoes.

Ananya’s shoes are hand-made by the most hardworking shoemakers that Jessica knows. The heels are made of PU sole, the best material to absorb pressure and thereby lessen the chances of developing varicose, so you can wear the shoes all day without experiencing any pain. Even their boxes are specially made to last for years. You can even use them as storage. They also value customer loyalty. For every 11 pairs that you buy, you’ll get a 12th pair for free! Check out their different designs online:

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