Amazing Filipino Tattoo Artists for your Next Skin Art

Tattoos are a great piece of art that you can always carry around. Aside from being ‘decorative’, many tattoos mean something to the owner. Some symbolize a significant part of their lives, some celebrate occasions, and some serve as special reminders. Though it can be easy to find a tattoo shop, finding the perfect artist for your new tatt is a different ballgame. After all, each artist has their own specialties, so choosing one should depend on what you are looking for.

Amazing Filipino Tattoo Artists for your Next Skin Art

Jonti Balbuena

Instagram: @jontibalbuena

Whether you are looking for realistic or surreal tattoos, Jonti Balbuena is the guy for the job. His impressive portfolio showcases a track record of impeccable work. We especially love the Mayon Volcano work he did for a client at Whiplash Tattoo.

Sarah Gaugler

Instagram: @sarahgaugler

Known as the owner and founder of Snow Tattoo, Sarah is a Fil-Am NYC Licensed Tattooist from the Philippines. Though Snow Tattoo is now based in New York, Sarah is still one of the most sought-after tattoo artists out there. If you like dainty and incredible line tattoos, she’s the girl for you! Plus, she only uses vegan ink!

Alvin Gantioque

Instagram: @alvinscene

A staple name at 55 Tinta, Alvin is your guy for realistic watercolor tattoos. His works speak for themselves.

Annie Concepcion

Instagram: @theuncannie

Your dainty tattoo dreams can now become a reality with Annie Concepcion of 55 Tinta. Her beautiful line artworks are perfect for your tattoo goals, especially if you want a minimal design. If you are wondering who did Heart Evangelista-Escudero’s heart tatt, then you found her!

Emao Clemen

Instagram: @emaoclemen

With a name at P&P Poblacion, Emao specializes in portraits and unique tattoos. If you want something to commemorate a loved one, Emao is the one for the job. His attention to detail and color is hard to find when it comes to tattoos.

Jhay Colis

Instagram: @littlekapitan

Whether you like quirky tattoos or animation, Jhay Colis of Ink Collective has a good portfolio. Aside from the quirkiness of his previous works, he also has significant surreal works that you can check out.

Charm Pastrana

Instagram: @charmth

If you want a new tattoo or an amazing coverup for an old tatt, Charm is the girl you should call. She is with Moth and Machines Tattoo Studio and specializes in line work, watercolor, and coverups. She even has a hashtag for the coverup works she has done!

Myke Sambajon

Instagram: @mykesambajontattoo

One of the founders of the Philippine Tattoo Association and a big name in the industry, Myke Sambajon is no stranger to the spotlight. His works can be seen on celebrities if you are wondering who his clients are. He also serves as a judge for tattoo events, so you know you have a discerning eye when it comes to your own tatt.

Mark “Tootsie” Nemis

Instagram: @tootsienemis

Tootsie is a household name for tattoos and his impressive portfolio proves that. He also has some awards up his sleeve to show you he’s an expert in his own field. He is one of the names behind the works at Highclass Tattoo.

Jajan Amosco

Instagram: @blackjajan

We haven’t seen black tattoos like Jajan’s before, and we are here for it. Though he also has works that are great in color, we consider black tatts his specialty. You can book a session with him at Whiplash Tattoo.


Last but definitely not least is Apo Whang-od. Though you can only get a tattoo with her when you go to Kalinga, the trip is worth it. She was granted the prestigious Dangal ng Haraya Award by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). The 102-year-old is dubbed as the last and oldest mambabatok. Many Filipinos and foreign tourists travel to Kalinga to get their tattoos from Whang-od, and get a piece of history on their body.


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