ALTERchitecture 2013: Ideas Competition on Architectural Innovation


ALTERchitecture 203: Ideas Competition on Architectural Innovation

Speculate. Break. Innovate.

Rooted on the principles of increasing architectural awareness and providing avenues for fresh ideas in present day architecture, the United Architect’s of the Philippines Student Auxiliary-University of the Philippines Diliman (UAPSA-UPD) Chapter launched Alterchitecture 2013 last November 2013.

Alterchitecture aims to push the creative borders of architecture students all over the Philippines, challenging their knowledge in design, construction, and the built environment.

Given architectural problems that showcase the present needs of our society, the design competition envisions to push students to speculate on the current issues of societal architecture in the country, to break the norms and stretch the boundaries of design, and to innovate new technologies and fresh ideas that would empower the totality of Philippine Architecture.

On its fourth year, Alterchitecture 2013 travels back to the roots of Filipino Architecture, reliving the vibrant years of old Manila. We are transported back in time, reviewed on our architectural heritage, and coerced into a past milieu as we reveal this year’s theme for the competition: Adaptive Reuse-The Manila Metropolitan Theater.

With this year’s theme, Alterchitecture 2013, together with UAPSA-UPD, shall instill awareness on heritage conservation, as well as provide avenues for the appreciation and growth of genuine Filipino architecture.

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ALTERchitecture 2013: Ideas Competition on Architectural Innovation