ALON Katalusan: Webinar Series

The Association for the Land and Ocean’s Necessities (ALON) is the environmental organization of the University of Asia and the Pacific. The organization aspires to contribute to the Earth’s positive change by nurturing life in all its diversity. Through this, ALON aims to be a nationally recognized organization that aims to raise awareness, inside and outside the university.

In promoting sustainable lifestyles and utilizing the students’ skills and strengths, ALON believes that small actions can contribute to the earth’s positive change. ALON strives to inspire students to harness and strengthen their skills and work together in solidarity to raise awareness of the environment’s current situation.

In line with this, ALON will be holding its first webinar, namely Katalusan. This event is a  three-part webinar series that aims to inform and inspire the Filipino youth about the challenges our different environments are facing today and some ways on how we can help and improve it through talks given by professionals in the fields of land, industrial, and marine. The talks will be given on three different dates depending on the month’s campaign.

This will be held in 2020 for the following dates: November 7, November 21, and December 14 from 5PM to 7PM. Specifically, for Land Management, our invited speaker is Gab Mejia (photographer; storyteller; and National Geographic Explorer). As for Marine Management, we will be having Anna Oposa (chief mermaid of SavePHSeas). Lastly, for Industrial Management, we invited Edmund Dimantalaga (10-year experience in corporate environment and 15-year experience in entrepreneurship).  The said event will take place via Zoom. 

For the people and the planet.

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