Alodia Gosiengfiao and Christopher Quimbo Open Up About Their First and Most Memorable Dates

In a private dinner at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse’s newest City of Dreams Manila branch, we got to interview one of the most talked about celebrity couples!

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With premium steak and wine waiting for us that night, it was only fitting to get to know Alodia Gosiengfiao and Christopher Quimbo personally with date-related questions. And while waiting for dinner, we grabbed the opportunity to pull them aside one by one and ask them separately what fans (ourselves included) just–*in Barney Stinson’s tone*–gots to know!

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“What was your first date like?” Alodia’s face lit up when we blurted out our first question. “First date? I don’t know if it was a first date–ah hindi, sige,” she reacted before beginning her story. “We went to this place near Tagaytay, in Cavite. It’s a really parang very small restaurant called Mrs. Saldo’s. It’s a restaurant of a friend of ours and she actually makes the food, [and] it’s really good. So it’s like super simple lang, chill lang,” she told us.

“Pero what’s funny was…” she continued, as the date wasn’t quite simple after all, “…my parents made sunod after.” Alodia burst into laughter. “Sabi ko, ‘is it okay my parents follow?’ So he wasn’t prepared pero okay lang, he passed with flying colors naman.” My colleague and I reacted in chorus, “meet the parents agad?!” “Oo,” she confirmed, “meet the parents agad!”

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As for Chris, he quipped, “Obviously successful, right?” And from an entrepreneur who I only write and read about on social media and news bits with Alodia (I clearly skip through the business section of papers), he suddenly turned into an interesting personality himself. We laughed before he continued, “It was obviously successful. It was like a triple date and they were clearly setting us up. So Ashley, who you interviewed here earlier, was the gatekeeper and she gave the thumbs up so I made it through round one.” Needless to say, I already know why!

@wheninmanila We asked Christopher Quimbo to describe his first date with Alodia! #fyp #wheninmanila #newsph #trendingnewsph #tiktoknewsph #breakingnewsph #entertainmentnewsph #alodia #alodiagosiengfiao #christopherquimbo ♬ original sound –

Next, we asked them what their most memorable date was. To which, Alodia answered cheerfully, “Memorable date? Uhm, we date so much–wow?” I feel the need to put “sana all” right in here, lol. “Siguro [our most] memorable date was our first movie [date] because our first movie [date was when] I was working with Disney and they just launched … ‘Doctor Strange’. And they flew us to LA to join the red carpet, so that was our first movie date.” Being just an average human being, I mouthed “Wow!” behind the camera while Alodia giggled. “Taas ng standards, wala na,” she joked. Although, I agree. Uwian na!

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This time, Chris mentioned their date at Mrs. Saldo’s which seemed to be what Alodia earlier referred to as their first date. “Mrs. Saldo’s [was] our first trip together, like, without people trying to set us up. I picked her up and we drove to Tagaytay, went to Mrs. Saldo’s, had an amazing meal there, and that was ultimately where I first met her parents and where I proposed to her as well. So, Mrs. Saldo’s for me.”

@wheninmanila We asked Christopher Quimbo to share his most memorable date with Alodia. #fyp #wheninmanila #newsph #trendingnewsph #tiktoknewsph #breakingnewsph #entertainmentnewsph #alodia #alodiagosiengfiao #christopherquimbo ♬ original sound –

Apparently, it wasn’t just “meet the parents agad” but also “engagement agad!” A whirlwind romance, indeed! Yet, based on their stories and seeing them like that, it felt like they’d known each other forever.

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