Alleged Call Center Agent Steals P80,000+ Cash at Go! Salads Store

Alleged Call Center Agent Steals P80,000 + Cash


Alleged Call Center Agent Steals P80,000+ Cash in Eastwood


In a video spreading online, a surveillance camera has caught a man, allegedly a call center agent, stealing a wallet from an unattended table in Go! Salads, Techno Plaza 2, Eastwood City. The video is dated October 19, 2014.

The surveillance video was uploaded on Facebook by the victim’s daughter, Maria Angelica L., who is seeking justice. The thief stole two senior citizen identification cards and P80,000+ cash.

According to the daughter,


Please help. My mom’s wallet was stolen by this person, containing 2 senior citizens ID and 80,000+ cash, Sunday October 19 1:54 pm at Eastwood. He is wearing a dark colored lanyard (black, navy blue or gray with 3 letter incription) black rimmed eyeglasses. For information please text 09178807276. Thanks.


Despite being distressed, she hopes that he will use the money for good. The daughter compared him to taxi drivers and janitors who return wallets they find around. According to her:


Ikaw na pormado at ng ta-trabaho sa call center; possible WNS or IBM (base sa investigation at sa kanyang suot na ID ito lang ang my pasok kapag Sunday), ay walang alinlangan na kinuha kaagad ang wallet. Base sa CCTV footage nag masid at tumingin kpa sa paligid. Tinangal mo pa ang salamin mo at ang ID mo. Sabi din ng kahera ng Go Salad ay nag mamadali kng lumabas.

(You’re stylishly dressed, and possibly working in a call center (based on investigation and the ID he is wearing, and the fact they are the only ones who have work on Sundays), you have no shame in getting the wallet. You were acting suspicious in the video. You even removed your glasses and ID. The cashier at Go! Salads even said you were in a hurry to leave.)


Alleged Call Center Agent Steals P80,000+ Cash in Eastwood 2

The thief sits down on a table with a wallet on it


Alleged Call Center Agent Steals P80,000+ Cash in Eastwood 3

When he stands, the wallet leaves with him


In the video, he is seen casually walking around the restaurant as he is waiting for his order. When he sees the wallet on one of the empty tables, you can see him stop and look at it. He suspiciously makes his way to the table, sits on a chair, and looks around as he puts the wallet in his pocket. He stands up again and waits for his order. Upon getting it, he instantly leaves.

It has been a week since the incident. The Facebook post now has 1,550 shares. Watch the whole video below:



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Alleged Call Center Agent Steals P80,000 + Cash