All-Female ‘Ghostbusters’ is One Hilarious and Empowering Ride

Reboots should be like this.

That was my first reaction after the credits ended for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters. Although it was a totally different standalone movie, it was respectful enough to the original two films that those who’ve seen the 1984 original and its sequel will leave the cinemas with more than a smile on their face.

There are so many things the 2016 version did right, and these are very good reasons for you to go and see the movie NOW.

Impressive and hilarious ensemble cast

Don’t mind the initial doubts about having an all-female cast because this group, top-billed by the very funny Melissa McCarthy, works really well together. I guess it helps that these are people who have worked together before and are actually friends in real life (McCarthy and Kristen Wigg worked together in Bridesmaids, while Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are both on Saturday Night Live).

Ghostbusters new cast

It’s those real connections that helped these brilliant actresses effectively bring the new breed of ghost-busting women to life.

Being one of those big-eyed kids who saw the original film during the ’90s (yes, that makes me not-so-young anymore), watching these four women electrocute paranormal butt is a completely new experience. It’s a wildly fun ride.

This one’s actually a lot funnier than the first. I went back and re-watched the first film and sadly realized that I didn’t laugh during the second screening.

The reboot, however, was something else. It was a riot – and that’s why I ranked it way higher on Flickchart.

The writers (Feig and Katie Dippold) did an amazing job at penning a really funny script. We were only 10 minutes in when the laughs started… and they kept coming every 10 seconds! There’s always something witty being said. The punchlines came naturally and everyone inside the cinema burst out laughing each time.

Cameos you wouldn’t want to miss

Aside from the frequent snickers and giggles, expect to hear a couple of astonished gasps at the sight of some familiar faces. Of course, with Ivan Reitman producing (he directed the 1984 original), you surely would expect to see the original cast. Without giving anything away, let me say that Murray, Aykroyd, Hudson, and Weaver were fun to see if even for just a few seconds.

Respectful enough to give tribute to the original

Speaking of the original, it’s fun to see how Feig paid tribute to the 1984 movie by incorporating elements like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (a creepier version) and Slimer. Just like the first film, they also used a building as the setting for the main showdown.

Ghostbusters Movie Trailer

A very funny Chris Hemsworth

You’ll have one more reason to love Chris Hemsworth after this. He plays a receptionist who needs a lot of time to get his act together. To put it bluntly, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but his looks and personality make up for his many shortcomings.

I felt that because this film is about women empowerment and promoting equality for both sexes, his role was somehow a reference to the typical dumb blonde characters we’ve seen in many movies and if it’s the case, I think it’s a great way to, in some ways, fight the double standards against female characters that are portrayed negatively.

If people would enjoy seeing the almighty Thor in this kind of role, then maybe the public wouldn’t be too prejudiced towards women playing the dumb-blonde-type of roles.

Women empowerment

Abby, Erin, Patty, and Jillian kick serious ghoul butts, and they do so with such passion, dedication and, of course, with a lot of wit and humor.

Ghostbusters 2016

The script allowed these characters to shine despite their individual struggles and the burden of having to prove themselves in a society that doesn’t take them seriously. Add to that the perils of catching ghosts and the pressure of saving the world from a paranormal invasion of cataclysmic proportions.

They’ll face ridicule, aggression, and men who’ll want to shush them but their wits, dedication, sense of humor, and loyalty to one another will see them through.

If you’re looking for something that realistically portrays women empowerment in the modern era, then this is one must-watch.

Also, you might want to stay for the post credits for one cool treat. It’s, as they say, eye-candy.