Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier: Clean and Healthy Drinking Water for your Family in the Philippines

Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier: Clean and Healthy Drinking Water for your Family in the Philippines




Water makes up around 70% of the body, and with people drinking anywhere from eight glasses or more per day, it is essential for you to really look into the kind of water you are putting into your body, and the bodies of people you love like your kids, parents, family and friends.

I recently had a “water consultation” as I got me a new Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier and I found out so much important info that could really protect you and your family.

To be honest, there’s a lot of science and a lot of big words that go into purifying water! From the  Multi Electric Pole Magnet, to the Alkaline Diskettes, to the granular Activated Carbon and so much more, it may be too much for us normal people to handle. So let me try to break it down for you in simple terms.

When getting a water purifier, you want one that purifies the water of sediments, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria, while also still keeping healthy minerals in the water. Also, for those not familiar with it, Alkaline Water is said to be a very healthy and beneficial drink as proponents say it can neutralize acids in your bloodstreams that come from the crazy foods you eat and drinks you take everyday. Furthermore, alkaline water is said to also boost metabolism and help your body absorb more nutrients while some even say that it can help prevent diseases and slow the aging process.

So with all that said, I’d like to say that we do highly recommend taking a closer look at your drinking water.

For me, I recently got a BMP 1000 Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier installed at my house. A very friendly staff member came over to install the water purifier and teach me all the ins and outs to it.




Delivery and assembly of the water purifier is already include when you purchase your unit.



The Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier also comes with a 5-year-supply of filters




Plus they bring a test kit for you to see how your new water filter / water filtration station can clean out chlorine while still maintaining healthy minerals from your tap water.


Check out this video for some extra info:


My installers then went on to describe the three level water filtration system in detail, with each level having multiple layers itself to ensure that your drinking water is pure and clean.






Finally, after a quick 15 minute installation and instructions, we put the Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier together and it started to filter out our tap water.




Five minutes later, and I had healthy, clean water ready for me and my family.




The unit I got was the BMP 1000 Noah which is usually good for a household with around 2-6 people. Of course, they do have bigger units for more commercial purposes if needed.

I highly recommend that you schedule your own consultation soon as I learned so much about the water I put into my body everyday! It’s a very important part of our lives that we may take for granted, but clean and healthy drinking water should really be an important decision you look into.

Personally, I know I’ve barely scratched the surface of the importance and science to this clean drinking water subject. For more info, check out to set your own water consultation and get yourself and your family drinking only pure, healthy alkaline mineral water.

When In Manila, be sure to look into the type of water you are drinking and make sure that you are only drinking safe, clean, healthy alkaline mineral water!



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While I was happy with my new alkaline water purifier, it seemed my cat was happy about his new water dispenser box



Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier: Clean and Healthy Drinking Water for your Family in the Philippines