AirAsia Now Provides Free Baggage Allowance and Meals to Soldiers

AirAsia just announced via Facebook that they will now provide free baggage allowance of up to 40kgs and in-flight meals and snacks to AFP military personnel who are on any peacekeeping mission.

In order for the traveling AFP military personnel to avail these, they just need to present an ID and mission order.

Here’s what AirAsia posted.

This offer by AirAsia was inspired by a viral post of Inday Rakel via Eric Clark Su on Facebook.

On the post, they detailed how three soldiers traveling to Davao (where one will go to Cotabato and the other two will go to Marawi) had excess baggage. They tried to move their stuff around so as not to have excess baggage anymore, but to no avail, they weren’t able to do so. Fellow passengers started offering their extra baggage allowance until all the soldiers’ stuff were good to go. They described as “Filipinos in Bayanihan.”

Here’s the full story.

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