AIESEC Global Citizen Program: A Better You for a Better Philippines


AIESEC Global Citizen Program: A Better You for a Better Philippines

Every new year gives a renewed sense of hope and a reinforced desire to become better people. 2014 is no different.

Many prefer to start a new chapter in their life by writing their resolutions and bucketlists for the year ahead, carefully listing down what they wouldn’t want to miss out on. Countless dreamers seek to travel the world and become a significant part of it while others concern themselves with adventures of self-discovery and improvement.

There are dozens of opportunities to make sure that 2014 would be one hell of a memorable journey.

For instance, international student-run organization AIESEC gives young Filipinos, from 18-30 years old, the chance to travel to 113 countries, accompanied with experiences that provide them a unique and fun platform to learn and grow about themselves, their country, and the world through the Global Citizen program.

The organization believes that it is ideal for the youth to realize the importance of gaining world-class and global competencies in helping them achieve greatness not only for themselves but for the country. AIESEC trusts that 2014 can be the year to develop a better you so you can help create a better Philippines.

Over 400 young Filipinos, travel with AIESEC each year to discover more about the world’s rich culture and people, as well as global insights and challenges that ultimately help them learn about themselves and what they are capable of doing.

“It was so surreal. Up to now I am still in the process of digesting the fact that I, a small naïve Filipina girl, has gone to Eastern Europe, in the biggest country in the world, without any knowledge of what I was about to face and with only faith in my pocket,” Sab Alipay, a UP Diliman and Global Citizen of Russia, said.

The Global Citizen Program enables them to develop a strong sense of independence and social responsibility as they work as volunteers in different organizations abroad that have activities and programs for various causes such as the environment, education, culture, health, and social entrepreneurship with the vision of building a better nation.

“You dive into culture, learn about its people, its needs, and most of all. Its hopes and dreams. In doing that, you learn how similar you actually are, even if your cultures are different. In helping them, you gain the confidence to learn how to help your own country too,” Frankie Torres, a student from UA&P and Global Citizen of Brazil, said.

Orientation seminars about the Global Citizen Program are on-going in the following campuses: Enderun, Miriam College, University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, University of Santo Tomas, University of Asia and the Pacific, and Ateneo de Davao University.

Be part of this national youth movement, sign up at For inquiries regarding the program, e-mail

AIESEC’s goal this year is to create a better you for a better Philippines, what’s your 2014 goal?



AIESEC Global Citizen Program: A Better You for a Better Philippines

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