Agtan as One 2021: A Celebration of Filipino Artistry in Music

Written by Julie Narciso

Talent, skills, and love and passion for arts and music – Filipinos have them!

As time passes by, Original Pilipino Music continuously evolves and becomes more diverse. The new generation of Filipino artists both continues the legacy and reshapes OPM with their sounds. Over the years, OPM has been more recognized. With the help of technology and globalization, it has penetrated the international music industry. However, many rising and small local artists are yet to be discovered due to the lack of opportunities and support. Agtan Philippines, a youth-led organization that aims to promote Filipino artforms and support local artists, uses their platform and creates projects intended to draw more recognition towards them.

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Last December 18, 2021, from 7:00 PM to 9:25 PM, Agtan PH celebrated the artistry and musicality of Filipinos through Agtan as One 2021, an annual online benefit concert, with a timely and relevant theme now, “Family Love.” It is an avenue for Filipino artists to showcase their talent and share their music, as well as to help those in need especially now that we are in the season of giving. Hence, throughout the event and performances, the organization accepted donations for the chosen beneficiary, Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home.

Agtan as One 2021 started with the opening remarks of executive director, Bea Antiporda, followed by the amazing performances of Geiko, Half/Figurd, Metrocity, DN$TY, Lucas Miguel, tome., Serotonin, and Lola Amour. A wide range of genres of music was performed by the artists from indie-pop to modern rock, enlivening the Christmas season even more. Concluding the concert with her warm remarks, Agtan PH’s project management director, Rona Martin expressed her words of gratitude to all the sponsors, partner organizations, artists, the Agtan team, and the audience. 

Agtan as One 2021 does not only highlight the capabilities of Filipino artists and musicians but also serves as a reminder to all of us how rich our music is and to strengthen the Filipino identity through our support to local artists.