Against the Current: The Band Came Back to Manila to Rock for One More Weekend

Photos by: Gia Allana Soriano

Against the Current @ U.P. Town Center

Against the Current (composed of Chrissy Costanza, Will Ferri, and Dan Gow) went to the Philippines for the fourth time and rocked out for “One More Weekend”. Against the Current performed in front of their adoring fans at the U.P. Town Center that fateful night on September 30, 2017 as part of their “In Our Bones Part Two” Tour.

PHOTO DIARY: Against the Current ‘In Our Bones’ Tour

Chrissy Costanza

We have seen them amaze us inside CCP with Alex Goot, sell out a concert inside a tent, and even created a “hella” awesome atmosphere inside a Sky Dome. But this time, it was at the Amphitheater at UPTC where they dished out some pure rock music goodness.

The band set the stage ablaze as they opened up with the song “Running With the Wild Things” and followed up with “Gasoline”. After the first two songs, Chrissy said that the night was SO HOT, partly due to the humidity of the area. She added that the band was finishing their second album and it will be out as early as next year. The heat and humidity, however, did not deter this “Young and Relentless” band from delivering one of the most energetic and crowd-pumping performances I’ve seen in recent memory.

What came next was a flurry of songs in the 11-song set that night. Their set had songs mostly from their “In Our Bones” album such as “Wasteland”, “Runaway”, “One More Weekend”, and “Forget Me Now”. We were also treated to some off-album songs such as “Talk” (from the Gravity EP) and “Outsiders”.


We got to see Chrissy pulling off her patented “back bender” pose as she sang “Wasteland”. The night ended with one of their hit songs “Gravity”. And with that, it was all over and we were left with a feeling of anticipation for the band’s glorious return to our country in a future tour.

I have to admit that this (and the concert the day before at Ayala Malls Solenad) was a slightly shorter concert compared to their last three outings here (clocked at around 50 minutes or so). However, it does not erase the fact that they still performed at a 110% level of energy that whipped the crowd into a frenzy at the U.P. Town Center Amphitheater. Regardless of length, we had one memorable weekend as we saw them perform live at UPTC.

We would like to thank Chrissy, Dan, and Will for dropping by the Philippines yet again to give us a great performance. Special thanks to MMI Live and Ayala Malls for inviting us to cover this concert. I can proudly say that I am super stoked and hyped to see them at their next visit to the Philippines.


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