Aga-Lea Reunion WILL Happen, According To Aga Muhlach!

Although initial plans for a reunion project starring Aga Muhlach and Lea Salonga was postponed, if you’re fans of the Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal? co-stars, don’t fret: Aga Muhlach said that they will make the Aga-Lea reunion happen, no matter what!

Lea Salonga Aga Muhlach

According to PEP, the actor and long-time onscreen leading man was optimistic about the reunion happening, despite the fact that plans for a third movie had to be shelved.

Aga said:

“Lea is out of the country now, and she’ll be back in June next year, so it’s impossible to do it this year. We’ll make it happen. Lea and I will make it happen. We owe it to the public.”

The 48-year-old actor also has his hands full as he will be shooting a new movie next month, and another in March 2018, meaning the project could take place sometime in July or August next year.

Aga and Lea starred in two high-grossing movies together: “Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal” in 1992, and again in 1995 on “Sana Maulit Muli.”

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