Aesthetic Shirts Worth 200 Pesos and Below

If you have been wanting to update your wardrobe, we got you. Sometimes, it is as easy as buying a new shirt. Plus, they do not need to be expensive. As we all know, fashion trends quickly change but that does not mean that we should live in the past. We can still be fashionably trendy without breaking the bank. Believe it or not, you can own the OOTDs that you see on your Instagram or TikTok feed too without going over your budget!

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Just in case you did not know this yet, there are so many affordable aesthetic tees on Shopee, but do not worry because we narrowed it down by style to make it easier for you! Also, we only included T-shirts that have good reviews and cost around 200 pesos or less so you can shop for an entire wardrobe change without spending too much. Find out which modern style appeals to you the most in our list below and start hoarding!

Korean Oversized Tees

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These Korean oversized tops are printed with some of the iconic bits from the 2000s! If you are a fan of Mean Girls, Bratz, and the like, you will love these tees in different shades of pink. They also come in regular size so you can wear them under light denim or any pink jacket.

To buy these aesthetic pink tees on Shopee now, click here!

Vintage Tees

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Are you a fan of vintage comics or movie posters? Then, you need to get these retro tees! These are free-sized shirts with an A4-size sublimation printed designs in a soft, comfortable, and stretchable fabric–perfect for everyday wear this summer.

To buy these retro tees on Shopee now, click here!

Crop Top Ternos

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Speaking of everyday use, these aesthetic ternos are also great pambahays! Since we are spending most of our time at home (probably doing TikToks), our daily clothes will also need an upgrade. The shop offers plenty of design options for these coordinates aside from the designs displayed in the photo above, so check it out!

To buy these aesthetic coords on Shopee now, click here!

Glow-in-the-Dark Tees

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Do you like standing out from the crowd? This candy-colored shirt will do the job for you with its glow-in-the-dark design! It is a free-sized shirt that fits small to medium and comes in 10 vibrant colors to match your vibrant personality.

To buy this glow-in-the-dark shirt on Shopee, click here!

Cartoon Graphic Tees

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What was your favorite cartoon growing up? This shop offers 36 different designs featuring classic characters such as Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown, Casper, and more! These retro graphic tees are made-to-order so you better place yours now.

To buy your favorite 90s cartoon graphic tee, click here!

Two-Tone Crop Tops

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Flaunt your quarantine abs in this sassy crop top! The PowerPuff Girls just got a 2021 baddie makeover and we are loving it. Actually, this is just one of the many aesthetic prints that they offer on this two-tone shirt. See more on Shopee!

To buy this two-tone crop top on Shopee now, click here!

Tie-Dyed Tees

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These tie-dyed shirts literally scream “summer!” The style first became popular in the 60s, resurfaced in the 90s, made another comeback in 2020, and it looks like it is here to stay. If you still do not own one of these in this day and age, you better add this to your cart now.

To buy these tie-dyed T-shirts on Shopee now, click here!

Oversized Harajuku Tees

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This oversized graphic tee is just one of the Harajuku shirts that the shop offers, and the photo really speaks for itself because people in the review section are loving it! It has a cotton spandex fabric and comes in small to 3XL sizes.

To buy this oversized graphic tee on Shopee now, click here!

Minimalist Pastels

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Are you into subtle colors and prints? These minimalist designs look perfect on pastel tees! Besides yellow and green, other colors are also available from the same shop.

To buy these minimalist pastel shirts on Shopee, click here.

Space Tees

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Do you like astronomy, the galaxy, and all things space? Check out these cool galaxy-inspired designs that come in 3 sizes of T-shirts, or a crop top! You may also see more designs on Shopee. 😉

To buy these aesthetic space tees on Shopee now, click here!

Tumblr Graphic Tees

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This Sunflower Girl shirt is one of the 16 Tumblr aesthetics that the shop offers. They also let you choose the shirt: crop top, oversized, or just the regular medium-sized shirt. No wonder they got nothing but good reviews!

To buy this aesthetic graphic tee on Shopee now, click here!

Line Art T-shirts

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Line art is totally in this year! This minimalist design is cohesively printed on a nude cotton spandex crop top. Check out other variations with this soft and floral aesthetic on Shopee.

To buy this line art crop top shirt on Shopee now, click here!

AoT Anime Shirt

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Yes, aesthetic anime shirts are also a thing, and here is one of the most talked-about manga and anime series right now–Attack on Titan. We will never outgrow anime anyway so, I am just leaving this here. 😛

To buy this aesthetic AoT shirt on Shopee now, click here!

Vintage Tie-Dyes

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“Tie-dyed vintage shirts”–need I say more? We love them individually, and especially when they are together. These shirts come in 4 sizes and 12 designs. Add them to your cart now before they get sold out!

To buy these vintage tie-dyed tees on Shopee now, click here!

Pastel Fruit Tees

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These fruity tops come in 5 different “flavors”: watermelon white, strawberry pink, lemon, mangosteen, and avocado green! They are available in 4 sizes but take note that these are Korean-style loose T-shirts before your order.

To buy these Korean-style tops on Shopee now, click here!

Japanese Statement Shirt

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This statement shirt is automatically way cooler than the others because of the Japanese characters that come with subtitles. Lol! Kidding aside, the shirt is available in 10 colors and the shop offers statement tees with other Japanese phrases too.

To buy this Shiranai statement shirt on Shopee now, click here!

Printed Oversized Tees

Screen Shot 2021 04 13 at 7.14.28 PM

This printed oversized shirt is another aesthetic Korean must-have! You can choose from 20 different designs but this shirt is one-size only. The length from the strap down is 80 centimeters while the chest circumference is 65 centimeters.

To buy this oversized printed shirt on Shopee now, click here!

Striped Crop Tops

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If you are not a fan of prints and graphic tees, you may opt for this striped crop top that has 7 color varieties and is available in 5 sizes: small to 2XL. By the way, did you know that stripes first went into fashion in the 1920s? Yet, they are still trendy today.

To buy this striped crop top on Shopee now, click here!

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