Adulting 101: How To Survive After Moving Out From Your Parents

I hate to break it to you but young adults like us can’t always rely on our parents for everything. As much as we’d love to stay in our parents’ house, eat free food, and sleep in our cozy beds without contributing even a single peso, we can’t do it forever.

So yes, this article is about adulting and how to live survive even after moving out from your parents’ house. No worries, going out of your comfort zone isn’t as bad as it sounds and we promise, the shift will make you the strong and independent adult that you’ve always wanted to be. 

5. Be mindful of your purchases.

Upon moving out, you will be tempted to shop for so many things in order to turn that bare studio unit into an actual living space. Scissors, knives and plates? Sure. Wall decors, scented candles and house plants? Not yet.

It’s okay to shop but it would be smarter to identify the things you really need as compared to the things you just want. Remember, you’re living on your own now.

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4. Track your expenses.

Yes, you would have to pay the bills on top of your daily expenses. Thus, tracking your finances and allocating budget for food, utility, association dues, and the like will keep you from overspending. Of course, don’t forget to allot a couple of bucks for your happiness.

Money trackers are a must so go find one on Pinterest!

expenses track

3. Keep up with the household chores.

Instead of just pushing everything to the weekend, try to do simple chores on a daily basis just like fixing the bed, washing the dishes and throwing the trash. Worry not because soon enough, the tita in you will come out and you will also enjoy keeping your space squeaky clean.

household chores

2. Use a calendar, please.

Now that you’re on your own, it is your task to make sure that you’re on schedule when it comes to paying the bills, setting meetings, scheduling pest control, and even plotting a day for drainage cleaning. Don’t forget to set aside a couple of free days for visiting your parents and your hometown, too. 


1. Learn how to cook.

Seriously, just try. We promise, it’s not as tedious as it seems. Cooking easy-peasy meals like fried bacon, sunny side up eggs and rice will help you survive. Eating out is not only unhealthy, it is also costly. So, save a few bucks and learn a new skill by cooking.

Not to mention, the satisfaction you’ll get after making a complete meal all by yourself can’t compare to any yummy food out there. (Jk. We’ll still take the steak, please.) Don’t forget to send a photo of your meal to your mom and dad!

cook egg

Moving out is a fun and exciting time because you will be able to know yourself better. Plus, you’ll get to learn and try things you’ve never thought you’d be able to do. Good luck and have fun!

Do you have anything to add to the list? Tell us in the comments!