Adin Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Vibration Technology Review

adin bluetooth speaker

When In Manila and you need your quick fix on music, sometimes headphones just doesn’t cut it. With a number of portable music amplification options that you can use, we now add another one on the list and it is proving to be quite the contender.


Concept behind vibration speakers

Simply put, vibration speakers are not actually speakers themselves. What they do is transmit vibrations to surfaces to create sound. Air isn’t the only medium in which sound can travel and these devices take advantage of that. With this, you can turn any flat surface into your own speaker.


    A music source (A phone, a laptop, etc..)
    A flat and steady surface (Works best on tables, not so much on floors)
    And you’re good to go!


    Bluetooth capable
    Provides two to three hours of music on Bluetooth mode and max settings



Putting something solid on top of the device (i.e. Hardbound book) maximizes the vibration throughput, making the sound generated fuller as compared to just resting it on a surface. It also adds weight on the device, increasing the efficiency of the vibration transfer on the surface.



Vibration speakers are as close as you can get to an actual speaker without sacrificing portability. The deep bass and the crisp treble will defintely turn heads and I was fortunate enough to experience it first-hand. The product itself is an excellent example of simplicity and technology working together. It is easily stored, weighs a bit more than your average smartphone, but the sound it provides more than makes up for it. It is only limited on the surface that you’ll be using it on. Overall, this product is a must for audiophiles who want more from their headphones. BTW if you want to get a chance to win one of these super cool speakers then read on and follow the instructions below.

Price and Availability

Adin Bluetooth Vibration Speaker (D1BT) – 1500 Php

Adin Vibration Speaker (D2+) – 1200 Php

Available at PC Chain Superstore outlets

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