Acer Liquid Jade Review: Slim and Light Mid-Range Smartphone



In terms of hardware, specifically the processor, the Liquid Jade seems have used one that is also used by entry-level smartphones. Under the hood, it carries a quad-core 1.3GHz Mediatek MT6582 processor. This is the same processor on local brands and models like the Cherry Mobile Flare 3 (launch price of PhP 3,999) and MyPhone Agua Rio (launch price is PhP 4,999).

Although, I believe the Liquid Jade has additional bells and whistles, which pumped up the price to almost 15,000.

Subjecting the Liquid Jade on various benchmark tests, here are the results.

It scored 16,836 on the AnTuTu Benchmark test, which appeared to be lower than Lenovo K900 (released in April 2013), which is an almost two-year old phone.

Acer Liquid Jade benchmarks (2) Acer Liquid Jade benchmarks (1)

It scored 7064 on the Quadrant Standard test. Though it appears in the lead on the result output, it placed it in the league of launched some time in 2012 or early 2013.

Acer Liquid Jade benchmarks (3)

It scored 2882 on the Ice Storm Unlimited test under 3DMark. It was awarded with two stars by this gamer’s benchmark test.

Acer Liquid Jade benchmarks (4) Acer Liquid Jade benchmarks (6)

With daily use, the Liquid Jade was able to deliver, with non-laggy transition from one app to another. However, some transitions, especially those with graphics-intensive apps, aren’t buttery smooth.

Casual users may not be bothered by this performance, but for those who demand more on the processor, there is a chance that the device might have a hard time, which the user may find cumbersome.



The Acer Liquid Jade is a reliable phone, but it isn’t very astounding. It is a decent mid-range smartphone that provides comfortable handling with its slim and light body. Its main camera can take good photos, some even relatively well compared with other smartphones. However, its processor is merely satisfactory rather than great. Moreover, Acer placed a lot of bloatwares that some may find as waste of space rather than useful.

Still, overall, this phone is a respectable device to have. Had it been launched with a price lower that it was originally released, it might have had gained more traction even in the overcrowded smartphone space.




Acer Liquid Jade Review: Slim and Light Mid-Range Smartphone