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Tres Marias de Malate, a sports bar in Malate, Manila and Barangay 694 officials, in partnership with Tiger Beer and WhenInManila.com will be having a benefit street concert on June 15, 2019.

Join us as we Jam for fam, in this aCAUSEtic night for Kody Lontoc. Tickets are at 250php and comes with a free drink. Aside from exciting performances from DJ Matthew Carbonell, Pusakalye, and O/C Records’ newest artist Arthur Nery, local indie bands and artists will also be showcased.



This is Kody, he is 10 years old. It all started with a lump just above his left collarbone that he noticed himself back in March. Kody’s parents brought him to his paediatrician to have the lump checked. As Kody also had a cough at the time, it was thought that it was a lymph node associated with an infection. He was given medicine and his cough resolved but the lump didn’t and after a week, the coughing came back. He was given another set of antibiotics but it seemed like it did nothing to improve his condition. Kody’s situation only got worse and it became harder for him to breathe while lying down which made it impossible for him to have uninterrupted sleep. He would always sit up or stand up just so he can catch his breath. His mom brought him to the ER of a local Cavite hospital as his dad was in Davao for a job assignment. After several tests (Xray, CT scan), his paediatrician recommended that he be transferred immediately to a bigger hospital because they found out that he had a mediastinal mass causing a massive pericardial effusion. The pericardial fluid made it hard for his heart to pump blood and lungs to expand. There were also certain abnormalities found in his blood so a recommendation was also done to consult with a paediatric hema-oncologist.

He was immediately transferred to The Medical City in Ortigas where an emergency pericardiocentesis was performed to drain much of the fluid surrounding his heart. The doctors continued draining the fluid in his chest while he stayed at the paediatric intensive care unit. Ultimately, about a liter of liquid was removed from his chest. Soon, a biopsy and bone marrow aspiration (BMA) were performed. As it was already suspected that he had some form of blood cancer, a portacath was inserted in his chest through which the chemotherapy drugs would eventually be infused. Based on the initial assessment and biopsy done, it was first suspected that he had lymphoma but after all the tests came back, the results confirmed that he had precursor T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

He started the induction phase of his treatment back in May. Aside from the medicines he takes at home, he spends about 3-4 days a week at the Philippine General Hospital to get chemotherapy. Thankfully, after 4 weeks of treatment, his latest BMA results showed that the cancer is in remission. He is now in the 2nd or consolidation phase of treatment where he has another set of chemotherapy drugs, requiring him to still stay in the hospital every week.

His treatment is expected to weaken his immune system so he would have to forego going to school for at least 2 years to minimize the risk of contracting an infection while he is immunocompromised. Kody loves going to school though and already misses his classmates. He wishes that he could have been in school for the start of classes last week. Kody is glad though that he still gets to talk to classmates and friends who visit him or exchange messages with him. His parents intend to get him into a suitable home-school program that will keep his mind busy while he completes his treatment.

Throughout all this, his family is extremely grateful to their friends and family, even strangers who have given their support, both financially and emotionally. It has certainly been a tough few years for Kody’s family as his is the third cancer diagnosis for them in three consecutive years. A few years back, his maternal grandfather succumbed to pancreatic cancer and both his paternal grandparents continue to fight the big C.

Kody is in good spirits though, and though he certainly hates getting poked by needles multiple times a week, he is still a happy kid who enjoys reading a good book, watching cooking shows, and playing video games. For those who have helped and continue to help, Kody has these words to say “Thank you for all the help you’ve given me and thank you for praying for my recovery and complete healing. May God continue to bless you and your family so you can continue being a blessing to children like me.”

Let’s help this little boy achieve his dream of being a bioengineer.


All ticket sales will be given to the Lontoc Family for Kody’s medical expenses.


For ticket inquiries and reservations, please contact Micha at 095665135595 or 09284954220. Walk-ins are welcome, gates open at 5:30pm!

Address : Gen. Malvar St. cor. Agoncillo St. Malate, Manila

FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/393520571251021/?ti=cl

Kody’s page : https://www.facebook.com/staystrongkody/