Absolut Vodka Launched MODE Bottles


When in Manila, there is always something new happening. It was pouring outside on the night of September 19 while the inside of Fiamma Bar was overflowing with vodka as Absolut Vodka launched their MODE limited edition bottle.




Absolute Vodka Mode Bottles


Absolut Mode Bottles




Absolute Vodka Mode Vodka Venue




It was a night of fashion, glitz, vodka and blue. Absolut Vodka launched its limited edition bottle MODE in collaboration with fashion designer Louis Claparols. It was unveiled with a 10-piece ensemble displayed by 10 models which transformed the venue into a mini fashion show. Sticking with the theme of course, the outfits had the color blue incorporated in them. The make-up was taken care by Bobby Carlos of Max Factor.




Absolute Vodka Mode Host


The lovely host, Ornusa Cadness




Absolute Vodka Mode Models


Designs by Louis Claparols




Absolute Vodka Mode Models with Absolut Bottle


The models with the Absolut Mode bottles




Absolute Vodka Mode Louie


Vito Studio’s Louis Claparols and Max Factor’s Bobby Carlos




There were several cocktails concoctions for the guests to enjoy. I personally loved the Absolut Mode Haute Couture which aside from vodka, had cranberry juice, triple sec and blue curacao. It was mildly sweet, very smooth to the palate and with a slight kick.




Absolute Vodka Mode Drinks List


The drinks list was also on several iPad’s being roamed around by the usherettes but I found these cards hanging by this accessory holder thematic




Absolute Vodka Mode Drink


Absolut Mode Haute Couture




Absolute Vodka Mode Vodka Tonic


Absolut du Jour





So When in Manila and spending the night out partying, be sure to look Absolut Vodka’s MODE bottle and order drinks with Absolut! You are ensured to have a great night ahead. Winking smile




Absolute Vodka Mode Toast


The toast for the successful Absolut Vodka Mode launch




Absolute Vodka Mode Charm


A cute Absolut bottle charm Smile




Absolut Mode Event Email Invite Back


Logo above is from Absolut Vodka’s e-invite. 😉



Absolut Vodka

Country of Sweden

Drink with Absolut Responsibility.







Absolut Vodka Launched MODE Bottles