A Rider’s Quick Guide: Being A Responsible Motorcycle Driver

Monday morning rush, and you’re running late for work. You’re riding your motorcycle, and you have two options to get ahead of others on the road:

a) swerve right and left to cut through the traffic jam like crazy as if a zombie is after you, or

b) patiently stay on your lane, wait for the stop light sign, and pray to the heavens that you get to the office earlier than your boss.

Of course, the right thing to do is the second option, but most will do the first one without thinking about anything but to get to work on time. You’d overtake a car at any given chance, and glide by a few more every now and then, just like how you do it when the cops start chasing you when you’re playing GTA, Keep in mind you’re in the real world, on a real road, and pulling off the tricks you do on the videogame can lead to terrible things that may cause big problems.

To avoid finding yourself in a sticky situation, below are some points on how to have a safer travel while riding your bikes from Havoline Motorcycle Oils.

1.Make sure you have your safety gears, and you wear them

We get it. You have a helmet and maybe a pair of shin guards. But are you properly wearing them? Some just put on the helmet for the sake of wearing one. It’s not in the right size, not even buckled. They just wear it like baseball caps. Well, there are others who are confident enough not to wear their helmets on because the trip is just short or “dyan lang sa kanto.” Still, there are some who have their helmets strapped to their compartment forever. Remember that your helmet’s role is to protect your head in case of any untoward incident. It must fit you well, and you must wear them properly all the time.

2. Pay attention to things you see and don’t see

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need a third eye or superpowers to see things not visible to the naked eye. No, we don’t mean that. What you need to have is to put your 100% attention to what you are doing. Sometimes we are so occupied with our thoughts that we forget what we are actually doing. Keep in mind you’re riding a motorcycle and one wrong calculation may get you off your ride and down to the ground. Look at where you’re going, anticipate what other vehicles will do (and what’s on the other side of a vehicle that may be blocking your way), and mind the vehicles and things around you. You also need to think quickly on situations that call on the need to either brake or swerve, like if there’s an open manhole in the middle of the road, or an old man who’s about to cross the street.

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3. Margin of safety

They say defensive driving, or riding in this case, is smart driving. Always remember that tailgating is a no-no especially when you’re riding your bike. Maintain a reasonable amount of space around you. Keeping that space will give you room to brake or swerve, or an extra time to decide which one to do. You may also use that space to safely pass another vehicle at your convenience.

4. Condition of your bike

No matter how good we really are at driving bikes and how much we know our bikes, it is best to always have them in their best condition. If cars need tune ups from time to time, motorcycles need them too. Make sure you consult your friendly mechanic to know the basics and use Havoline motorcycle oils for a smooth and hassle-free journey. (By the way, if you buy a Havoline motorcycle oil in a Caltex station before September 30, you’ll get P20 off on fuel and a chance to win a Robinsons Rewards Card worth P5000.)


5. Safety of others

Part of being a responsible motorist is minding the safety of others. Be sure that no one will get into trouble with every move you make. That will definitely make other drivers jump on their seats and may cause an accident. Remember, you are not only liable for your wellbeing, but for others’ as well.

Let’s admit it. Riding your bike fast is a great feeling. You can literally feel the rush in your veins, and the wind blowing on your face. But it always pays to think about your safety and of others at the same time. Keep in mind that we all want to get to where we need to be at the shortest possible time and without endangering ourselves and others. Risking your safety for speed is never worth it.

So keep these tips from Havoline Motorcycle Oils for smoother and safer rides.

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