A Restful Night at City Garden Grand Hotel

After a long and stressful work week, it’s nice to reward ourselves with a restful and relaxing hotel staycation. However, it can sometimes get tricky to find the right hotel that is nearby and within the budget. Since we’re exhausted after a long work week and we only have a couple of days to unwind before work resumes, going on a road trip outside Manila to find a decent hotel is out of the question. To take a much needed break, a 24-hour staycation was made within reach, thanks to City Garden Grand Hotel.

One Saturday, we checked in at City Garden Grand Hotel.

Initially, the plan was to do touristy stuff in Manila, even though we live in the city. But when we saw the place we’re staying in, it was so hard to leave. The room was persuading us to stay in, so we did. The ambiance of the Junior Suite given to us made “sleeping in” the only activity that we should do. The bed is so comfortable that it would be a crime to leave it alone.

City Garden Grand Hotel (4)

City Garden Grand Hotel (5)

City Garden Grand Hotel (2)

Well, indulging in some fresh fruits, watching a little TV, and then off to snooze land…

City Garden Grand Hotel (3)The suite we stayed in had two LED televisions, one in the bedroom and the other one in the living room.

City Garden Grand Hotel (6)It also had a dining area, a regular-sized ref (aside from the personal ref for the minibar), a microwave oven, and a sink. Preparing your own food is possible, if that’s what you prefer.

It was the reboot that we needed.

When we woke up in the morning (late of course), we grabbed a quick bite at the hotel’s Spice Cafe. It’s good that the buffet spread is until 10AM so even if we got up a little late, we still had a filling breakfast of bacon, eggs, pizzas, breads, noodles, canapes, salads, and more. In hotels that we stay in, a restaurant with an egg station automatically gets plus points in our book. Sunny side up, scrambled, or omelet, name it and they’ll make it for you, fresh.

City Garden Grand Hotel (12)Spice Cafe

City Garden Grand Hotel (15)

City Garden Grand Hotel (16)

The buffet spread also has a selection of international dishes, offering all proteins including pork, beef, chicken, and fish. The dessert spread on the other end has slices of fresh fruits, which are perfect palate cleansers at the end of a heavy breakfast.

City Garden Grand Hotel (13)

City Garden Grand Hotel (14)

Since we’re so stuffed after breakfast, we went up the 32nd floor to chill on the hotel’s pool area. Beside the pool area is the View Deck, which is a bar and grill resto. Although we weren’t able to try it, we’d definitely not miss it when we come back.

City Garden Grand Hotel (7)

We also marveled at the view of Makati City.

City Garden Grand Hotel (9)

This view can also be seen in our room so we decided to get back.

City Garden Grand Hotel (10)

Sadly, we had to check out soon. There was a longing feeling that we wanted to stay some more…

City Garden Grand Hotel (8)The hotel lobby is embellished with an opulent chandelier made with thousands of Capiz shells.

It was a well-deserved reset and we’d want to have some more of that after toiling hard in our square offices. Hopefully, we can go back soon.

The one-bedroom Junior Suite is priced at PhP 10,000 for one night.


For more info on rates and reservations, visit:

City Garden Grand Hotel

8008 Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue , Makati City, 1200, Philippines

Phone Numbers: (02) 888-8181, (+63) 999-888-8181