A pet cat was infected with COVID-19

A house cat was shown to test positive for COVID-19 after being infected by its owner in Liege, Belgium according to the Brussels Times.

The pet cat started to have respiratory (breathing problems) and stomach problems (diarrhea and constant vomiting) a week after its owner showed symptoms of COVID-19. They found traces of the virus in the cat’s feces. The cat is doing well in spite of this, its owner is also showing signs of improvement. The owner had recently gone on a trip to Italy.

This also followed the investigation of two dogs in Hong Kong who also tested positive for COVID-19 but did not exhibit any symptoms (unlike the cat).

While this raised some alarm, scientists were quick to reassure everyone that it was a rare and highly exceptional case and not to fear transmission from pets to humans. They just warned everyone to exercise caution, maintain good hygiene, and to bathe and clean their pets regularly, as well.

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