A New Female-Led Marvel Series is Currently in Development

With Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD coming to an end, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is already planning on launching a brand new Marvel series in their network.

According to Deadline, ABC is in talks with Marvel to bring another female superhero from their vast roster onto the small screen. The company hopes to have at least one Marvel property on air at their network at any given time.

ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke shared that she’s in “active talks” about one project in particular. The brand new project will most likely fit in with the company’s strategy of female-focused superheroes.

Marvel’s A-Force | Photo from Marvel

With that said, the first thing that came to mind is Marvel’s A-Force line-up. In the comics, the A-Force is a group of female Avengers who join forces (get it?) to fight the bad guys. The roster includes Captain Marvel and She-Hulk. Since Captain Marvel is hanging out with the Avengers on the big screen, could She-Hulk make her television debut?

No further details have been revealed but we’ll keep an eye out for future development! Marvel doesn’t have a shortage of bad-ass female superheroes and we’re excited to see new faces on the small screen as well.

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Who do you want to see in this new Marvel TV series?


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