Under the Spotlight: Bullet Dumas, Curtismith, and Keiko Necesario’s Craft, Soul, and Music

Written by Keith Carandang

Are you a fan of music crafted from passion but not for profit? Do you like listening to refreshingly unique artists?

Stages Sessions: The Gig Circuit! Stages Sessions wants to bridge the gap between mainstream music and indie and give the people a chance to expand their music tastes.

You never know, you might just find your new flavor at one of their gigs. A common misconception on indie music is that they are just one genre, but one look at The Gig Circuit’s lineup and you’d know that’s not true. Their artists are described as a “multi-cultural buffet” of music where one show feels like a mini music fest of the most talented up and coming musicians. These individuals represent how young musicians compete with the hundreds of aspiring talents by creating their own distinct sound, may it be with a guitar, piano, cello, or even a mixture of bongos and chimes. Whether you’re an avid indie fan or not, these gigs are definitely a must see for anyone who wants to have a good time with friends while listening to good and meaningful music.

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the gig circuit - stages session

the gig circuit - stage

Stages Sessions launched The Gig Circuit last March 7 at The Brewery at The Palace. They have 6 more gigs lined up. You’ll have plenty of time to catch up and enjoy the music provided by Gio Levy, Keiko Necesario, Coeli San Luis, Bullet Dumas, Curtismith, and more. Their music definitely works well with the ambience and crowd of the hip and trendy bars they have lined up.

the gig circuit - the brewery waiters

The artists differentiate themselves from other artists by how they actively connect with their fans. They’ve collectively expressed how they preferred to have an open relationship with the people that listen to their music because it helps them develop their craft by being able to learn about their stories and not because they would alter their sound to fit the taste of the masses.

Curtismith expressed that how they are passionate about more than just their music, but that immersing themselves with the community is a major component in how they progress. Keiko Necesario, on the other hand, is passionate about just enjoying her own music. She knows that in enjoying herself, her listeners would feel the same way.

the gig circuit - performers

the gig circuit - coeli san luis 2

Coeli San Luis

Coeli San Luis, while admittedly just starting out, has already managed to wow the crowd by her soulful voice complemented by her playing the cello. Her talent shows that her choice of instrument is not just a way to catch people’s attention, but is actually her way of communicating her message. She describes her sound as distinct and a reflection of her soul.

the gig circuit - coeli san luis


Curtismith, while not expected to perform that night, was moved by all the positive energy in the crowd that he was inspired to do an impromptu rap for everybody. His smooth flow of words kept the people in the good spirits he was inspired by, and just showed how much creativity could be powered by fellow music lovers. While already a big name not just for the indie scene, he still wants his sound to evolve from where he’s at now.

the gig circuit - curtismith 1

the gig circuit - curtismith 3

Keiko Necesario

Don’t let Keiko Necesario’s ability to nail the rocker chick look down to a T fool you; her music takes you on a breezy and chill trip as you listen to her voice. She definitely shows her strong yet vulnerable personality through her performance. More than just knowing one type of music, she also proves that you can evolve from where you were before to where you want to be. Keiko admits to taking the long way down the road before finally finding her sound, starting from rock and grungy music a la Avril Lavigne. She’s now closer to the sound she wanted as it fits the way her vision has changed.

the gig circuit - keiko necesario

the gig circuit - keiko necesario 2

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