Under the Spotlight: Bullet Dumas, Curtismith, and Keiko Necesario’s Craft, Soul, and Music

Gio Levy

Gio Levy’s rugged good looks become just the cherry on top of the sundae when you hear his spine-tingling voice. His calm yet sweet performance can make just about anybody swoon, but his music tells you that his talent is what gives him the legitimacy as an artist. He describes finding his sound to finding the perfect partner, that “it never feels like you’re there so you might as well work with what you have.”

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Bullet Dumas

No other word can be used to aptly describe Bullet Dumas other than a VISIONARY. His sound is lightyears ahead of its time but also with that taste of traditional and modern hints of flavor. It may sound confusing but that is exactly how it feels like when you listen to a Bullet Dumas performance. The passion and heart he and his co-musicians gave on stage was enough to liven up the crowd and inspire them to dance and move along to the heart pounding beats that accompany Bullet’s deep message in the lyrics. His craft shows how indie musicians are more than just unorthodox talents, but how they are actually people who share their gifts by inspiring others to pursue what they love.

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the gig circuit - bullet dumas 3

No matter what people may say about indie being pretentious, these artists show that the talent they individually and collectively present is worth more than what you pay for. They represent every aspiring musician who believed that they can so they did. The artists were unified in answering that the haters should try their music before judging them, and anybody who does listen to them would agree. The creativity that flows from the musicians and the crowd is enough to give people a reason to join the local indie scene.

You can catch these artists and more at the next Gig Circuit shows that would be on certain days from March 7 up to May 7. Check out their sites for more info! So if you’re in a stump and need inspiration for your next projects, or if you just want to hang out with friends while listening to tastefully different and good music, catch The Gig Circuit! You might just end up going to all of them!

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