A Mother’s Open Letter to RR Enriquez’s “No to Breast Feeding in Public” Post on Instagram

Tv Personality Rr Enriquez posted a photo on Instagram about mothers who do not cover their breasts while feeding their infants in public. She says she is “Sorry for the mom that she has to experience that(breastfeeding)” and reiterates in the comments section the proper way of breastfeeding so that “no one can see your private part”


Ann Francisco, a mother, took to Facebook her sentiments towards Rr’s post.

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Rough translation: “I will write this in Tagalog so that it will be better understood and I can say a lot.

I might faint from lack of blood. As a mom it is our responsibility to give importance to the needs of our children. First point on the list is that if we choose to feed our children the milk from our breasts, that is our right and we are not doing anything against the law. If we should be ashamed of breastfeeding our children in public places, shouldn’t it be more shameful of photos showing private parts of our body? We are not showing our breasts so that perverts would feast on them.

We did not start that whole idea because first and foremost we do not have the intention of showing our bodies to the public. We are just doing our responsibilities to our children. If you would like us to cover so that others could not see the EATING of our children, we buy “nursing covers.

” But because it is annoying to eat with a cloth on your face, they (children) don’t like it. They cause more of a scene because of their crying. You should try eating with a cloth on your face, would you be able to eat properly? It’s simply: if you don’t want to see it, don’t look at it. 

Like you, we are only doing our jobs. Your job is to wear sexy and provocative attires for MEN and for “ART”; We as MOTHERS are breastfeeding our children for their HEALTH. Now, answer my question, is there anything shameful to what we are doing?

We are only doing our jobs, no offences meant. “


Rr Enriquez is a model and Tv Personality who became known for being a dancer on Wowowee, she then became one of their hosts. She currently stars in Banana Split on Channel 2.

What is your stance about breastfeeding in public?