A Look into This Treasure Language Storytelling Event

Dubbed as the first treasure language storytelling event in the Philippines and in Asia, Wikang Yaman: Kuwento at Kuwenta returned on January 21!

The University of Santo Tomas (UST) Department of English and the UST English Language Studies Society (UST-ELSSoc) celebrated another enchanting year of recognizing Philippine indigenous languages in line with their slogan, “Embracing Languages Through  Enchanting Stories”.


“WYKK” 2020 showcased timeless Philippine folklores like the legend of Ibalon from Bicol origin and the legend of Sirena. Storytellers narrated these stories in their mother tongue (e.g. Bikolano, Ilocano) and then translated these to English.

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The event also explained the history of the Philippine language and aimed to give importance to the minority and dying languages in the Philippines.


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And through their official hashtags #WYKK2020 #KuwentoNgWikaKo