A Look Into Modern-day OPM

Written by Madellaine Ortea

From its roots in Manila sound, the musical genre that peaked in the mid-70s, OPM represents a diverse range of music from unique Filipino artists. Now, a new generation of OPM is coming. We got G from Metrocity, tome., and Lucas Miguel to tell how they’re redefining the Filipino music industry.

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In what way are you contributing/bringing something new to OPM?

Metrocity not only produces music but they’re visual artists as well. “We aim to build an immersive and distinct quality surrounding our art,” says G, one of the members of Metrocity.

Lucas and Tome both diversify the OPM setting through their sound. By experimenting with music genres, they challenge the limits of defining OPM.

Is there anything you’re aiming to change/promote in the local music industry?

Put younger people in charge of major labels since they have a better grasp on what’s popular, Metrocity says. Tome focuses on diversifying genres to bring attention to Filipino musicians who are challenging the status quo of music. 

Lucas takes a tamer approach to change the local music industry by being part of it. “I aim to encourage and support and push local music to keep making genuine, heartfelt, authentic sounds.”

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Metrocity: Stop style-biting and trying to live someone else’s life.

Tome: Stay true to [your] craft as someone out there will definitely love your sound

Lucas: Not everything will come easily/quickly. Success takes time.

How do you envision the future of OPM?

“I envision the future of OPM as the epitome of expression for artists and listeners,” says Tome. OPM is a place where musicians are celebrated and Metrocity comments on the lessening of the negative stigma against Filipino music, especially Filipino rap. 

Lucas hopes it also celebrates the diversity of musical genres and music is more genuine than ever.

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