A Look Inside Julia’s Closet: Makers of High Quality Filipino Made Fashion Accessories!


 Julia’s Closet

Today, I got an unexpected surprise from one of my friends Noel and Mae of Julia’s Closet that I just had to post this really quick because I believe more people should know more about them! I’m not really sure about the exact history on how they started making these accessories  but I guess it’s safe to say that Mae here really has this talent in creating such beautiful pieces!

It is very rare for me to post something like this (coz most of the time I blog about food and travel) but what compelled me to actually blog about it is the fact that the stuff which they gave me were very much…. ME!

this charm bracelet pretty much describes who I really am and I  love it!

 they even included this!




see??? that Charm bracelet by Julia’s Closet is really Me!! 




 it even has a locket with it and I can’t wait to put a mini-photo of me! hihihi





and because I adore cats a lot………….




They also sent me this lovely Black Kitty Necklace!



I must admit that I usually ignore  those countless online stores selling all sorts of accessories etc, but when I saw their catalog, I got so hooked that I can’t believe I actually ordered! But yeah.. I ordered ‘coz their pieces are really THAT good and you can’t get them anywhere for all pieces are uniquely done by them! I was surprised to see that most of them are already sold, so you  have to be really quick in reserving! Anyway, you can drop them a message so they can make another one for you!


If you’re looking for ideal gifts not only for the coming  Christmas season, I suggest you make your loved ones feel special by giving them a personalized bracelet or necklace made by Julia’s Closet! I’m sure they will appreciate it like what my friends did to me! =)


With the looks and quality of their products, I’m sure Julia’s Closet will surely go a long way!


Thank You so much Noel and Mae for this really lovely surprise!



Julia’s Closet is 100% Pinoy and Proud!





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Julias’s Closet



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 A Look Inside Julia’s Closet: Makers of High Quality Filipino Made Fashion Accessories!


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