A Little Glimpse Inside Anvaya Cove

When in Manila, there will always be moments when we just want to break loose from the busy districts and crave for a peaceful and relaxed world. What could be more splendid in our country than to wander to a beach? No second thoughts definitely, especially this summertime! 




Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club was certainly on my list when it comes to visiting resorts. I was informed how breathtaking and wondrous the coast is and I was really satisfied. A little insider’s note, I was also surprised by the fact that they were able to import the finest and whitest sand from Boracay. And that just validates the splendor of the coast and scenery combined. 

For a little outfit shot, I was wearing a Topman tee, Zara shorts, Havaianas slippers, Balenciaga Velo Bag and Mango sunglasses! 




Okay now back to Anvaya, it also caters its magnificent territory only to its members, which provides a more meaningful and private experience. So If you’re doubtful and concerned about overpopulated crowd, you are worry free!

Of course as a member, you get to enjoy all exclusive amenities. Their country club offers an infinity pool and kiddie fountain pools, Veda Spa, Cafe’s and sunbathing areas to celebrate. It’s hallways, chairs, pools were influenced by an Asian set up, incorporating woods and designed rocks giving that Zen touch. 


IMG_8750 IMG_8754


Furthermore, you may able to see these floating pontoons, and these are Vetiver roots, strategically placed in waters for filtering purpose and they are actually scattered around the whole perimeter of Anvaya Cove Resort. Being familiar about the developer of this roots, I am delighted to have seen them properly used in the vicinity. 





Finally, one thing I am smitten about is the breathtaking view of the sea. We went up to their Sunset Tower to watch, experience and acknowledge the simplicity and beauty of it! Even if were not able to wait for the sunset, the view is just so captivating!

Clearly, this is for sure is one of the best resorts to visit When in Manila!



 Anvaya Cove




2108 Morong, Philippines

Telephone Number:

(02) – 793-9000

Write-up by:

Pauline of https://classycroissant.blogspot.com



A little glimpse inside Anvaya Cove




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