A Day at the Artis Artisan Bazaar 2019 : A Community Gathering for a Cause

What makes a day good? Simpler ways couldn’t have been dreamed up: 

Plant a Tree,
Find a Bird,
Listen to Music,
Go Outside,
Feel the Rain / Heat / Breeze,
Support a Friend / Community / Cause,
Share a Meal,
Meet Someone New…

As it happened one such day, under blue skies, a Sunday was spent together doing exactly that. Antipolo Beehouse, together with Love Leaf Grow, held it’s 5th Artis Artisan Bazaar recently on November 10, 2019, from 9AM-5PM. About 250 people or so, along with 30+ talented local merchants, their families and friends, formed a community of makers, sellers, adventure seekers — anyone with an appetite for quality local goods, cozily set up and spent their day in a beautiful indoor and outdoor setting.

01(L) Attendees on their way to the river for a tree-planting and river cleanup to the Tungtong River, a small river that runs along the back of the property. (R) The Artis Artisan Bazaar’s fifth year, also the fifth time the organizers have reused this bazaar cloth signage, this time dressed it up with banderitas (also reusable). / Photo courtesy of The Daydreamer Studios

The wood-and-glass Antipolo Beehouse was bursting with delight! It was a day shared among strangers rapidly turned friends. The energy felt was as palpable as the crunchy leaves underfoot, the meals shared, the tree planted (by a river that needed cleaning), the bird’s song, and in the stories exchanged. There was electricity felt in the humid air, the music played, the goods purchased, and the laughter heard. Maybe because we waited for it to rain? Thankfully, it didn’t. Bated breaths relaxed as the day progressed, and the bazaar went into full swing.

02The Artis Artisan Bazaar 2019 in full swing. / Photo courtesy of The Daydreamer Studios

Various Workshops like Creating Plant Based Meals for Beginners by Mia Sison, Woodcarving Demos by Vitty Gutierrez, Kitchen DIY by Ana Gutierrez of BodyFOOD All Natural, Pottery Demo by Mansy Abesamis of Hey Kessy Pottery, Vermicomposting by Neica of Worm Kubo, and Basic Photography with the HEDCen Student Council took place within the Antipolo Beehouse venue as well as around the grounds. / Photo courtesy of The Daydreamer Studios


Local Merchants lined the driveway selling plants, handcrafted home accessories, baked goods, wooden toys, coldprocessed soap, hand-stitched bags, and more. Small businesses each with a story of how they came to be – advertisers turned composters, lawyers turned local weave shoe designer, engineers turned paper-flower crafters, sibling-bakers, jewelry-designer turned wire artist, or sellers with a desire to up-cycle old goods and breathing new life into them. Their stories added into the Magic of their purchased goods! / Photo courtesy of The Daydreamer Studios


Chef Dan’s On-the-Spot Adlai Paella at 10:30 AM. Luckily, all the food prepared by his Burrow Café team all sold out by the end of the bazaar. No food wasted – dishes and utensils and drink containers were washed and reused, if not brought by the bazaar attendees themselves. / Photo courtesy of The Daydreamer Studios


The Tungtong River needs people to help keep it trash-free. Twenty-four (24) local tree saplings were planted by attendees which keeps the microenvironment thriving with local species of birds, soft-shell turtle, hito, and small crabs. Outdoor activities were facilitated by the Tungtong River Conservation Project, a student-volunteer program headed by their Science Teacher Henry Calilung of school HEDCen at the Little Farmhouse also located in the Beverly Hills Subdivision village just up the road. The school’s student council combined their Family Day event with the bazaar. / Photo courtesy of The Daydreamer Studios


Indoor kids craft table was facilitated by Mabby Makes , whose table let children create their very own whimsical pictures using petals, leaves, branches and other various plants and flowers. / Photo courtesy of The Daydreamer Studios


Bazaar Bag & bandana designed by the organizers. / Photo courtesy of The Daydreamer Studios.

What makes a day good? When YOU choose, on purpose, to fill it up with good. 

For now, the Artis Artisan Bazaar is held only once a year. But we hope the spark that was lit up on this day keeps burning, and we can continue to spread our brand of good as we go about our preparations this Christmas and the coming New Year. The Artis Artisan Bazaar organizers, partners and merchants thank everyone who participated. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!