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In the same fashion MTV killed the radio star, YouTube has now consequentially murdered music television. In just over a decade, artists have now taken to this colossal media format by storm. With just a simple click of a button on your smartphone, everyone can view or listen to anyone anywhere at any time and considering how massive social media scope is, pretty much every artist whether signed or completely indie are uploading their content making it readily available for the world to see.

On our 4G side of the planet, OPM artists are going nuts over this open arena and are producing their best and most creative videos to capitalize on the free media opportunity set before their black mirrors. With this social media stream screaming for more captivating concepts, a surf resort in a quiet fishing village in San Felipe, Zambales has just become the newest stage for artists to express their talent.

The Live in Liwa YouTube channel is a concert and webisode series which covers the most intimate of gigs attended by a very limited audience wherein musicians are facilitated to express their talent more passionately.

When performing in front of a crowd of only 250 people on a beach surrounded by pine trees and grass huts with surf culture atmosphere so potent you can totally expect a different kind of expression of emotion from the most talented musicians around.

On their first episode, which was recorded live last April 8, Live in Liwa got the most appropriate artists in making sure they achieve the impact required for a pilot.

They chose none other than Urbandub to headline this groundbreaking feat in OPM history. It was amazing to see them play their classic hits with a surprise appearance of their original bassist, Lalay Lim-Geronimo, who gave everyone that dash of nostalgia to make the night even more perfect than it already was.

When asked about where and how the producers and organizers invoked the motivation to create such a grand spectacle in such a small surf town, they shared that not only were they driven by their own passion for live music but also because they fell in love with Liw-liwa. “This place is very special to us and because it is becoming more popular we’ve decided to find a way to help protect it from the sudden surge of tourism.”

Live in Liwa has committed to donating a percentage of their ticket sales to One Liwa (San Felipe Resort Owners Association) for their efforts in protecting and maintaining the natural environment of Liwliwa. Another portion of this also goes to Tribes and Treks, a socio-civic enterprise directed towards the rehabilitation of the indigenous Aeta tribes native to the province who are in grave need of assistance in developing their own agriculture so they don’t have to travel to the cities to beg on the streets and instead become a self sustaining community.

Now, hookup up your Bluetooth headphones and click the following links to grasp for yourselves how wonderful the first Live in Liwa was:


Sailing – Urbandub

First of Summer – Urbandub

Soul Searching – Urbandub

Live in Liwa goes live again on November 17 featuring Red Horse Beer’s rock band Kjwan and international blues and jazz champions The Bleu Rascals.

To add to the excitement, there will also be other cool activities during the day like poi lessons provided by Planet Zips flow arts academy and an outrageously fun drinking game. Slip Slide n’ Shoot is a relay race slash drinking game where teammates splash onto a 25-foot slip and slide to down cups of Red Horse Beer and then tip them back on a table. The winning teams take home hefty prizes like P15,000 pesos worth of Reef gift certificates, a case of Red Horse Beer and a free night in one of Liwalize It Surf Camp’s air-conditioned kubos.

Get your barkada together and sign up for this awesome weekend at the link below:


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