LOOK: 9GAG Launches World’s First Meme Museum in Asia

In a way, memes are the new universal language. No matter where you live or what language you speak, you can always express yourself through a funny meme and expect the person you’re talking with to completely get what you’re trying to say.

As it stands, the world can no longer function without memes. And 9GAG decided to celebrate this by opening the world’s first Meme Museum — and in Asia, no less!

9gag k11 art meme museum hypebeastPhoto from Hypebeast

9GAG partnered with K11 Art Mall to launch a physical “MEME Museum” in Hong Kong where it will showcase over 100 memes, from the very first meme formats like Doge and Troll Face to the most recent ones like Distracted Boyfriend.

Guests will be able to walk through the “In the Meme-time” exhibit, explore the different Internet cultures around the world through the “Meme-go-round,” become their own meme in the “Meme Me” instant photo booth, and even get a temporary tattoo at the “Memeingful Tattoo Station.”

The museum also features a sensory 4D interactive exhibit called “Beyond the Meme” as well as the world’s first meme NFT artwork titled “In Meme We Love.” People can also try to create the next internet meme through the “A Meme is Born” section and get a chance to win a US$100 cash prize!

9gag k11 art mall meme museum

9gag k11 art mall meme museum 2Photos from K11 Art Mall

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There will also be a shop to purchase exclusive merch, games, and more.

The K11 Art Mall x 9GAG Meme Museum will run from July 16 to September 5, 2021, from 12 PM to 10 PM.

9gag k11 art mall meme museum 3

9gag k11 art mall meme museum 4Photos from K11 Art Mall

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