8 Ways to Water Down Your Water Bill

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Is a member of the family taking too long in the shower? Do you always have leaks in the toilet? All these different factors may be burdening you with unnecessary expenses through your water bill.

With so many bills competing for your wallet’s attention, it’s important to be responsible water users and monitor where your money goes to avoid the hassle of getting your water service cut.

So, everybody listen up! Remember that each member of the family has a role to play in watering down their water bill. Don’t know where to start? Let’s start with these:

8. Don’t leave the water running

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Water goes to waste when you brush your teeth, wash the dishes, and take a shower and leave the water running. Water gets tired, too, you know?

7. Save it in a flush

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For households with regular flush toilets, each flush uses about 10 to 14 liters. That’s a lot considering the number of potential flushes your family members can do in a day. You can easily reduce the water used per flush just by adding weights—like a plastic bottle full of stones, sand, or water—in the water closet of your toilet!

6. Laundry day

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Schedule a laundry day for all the clothes used for the week. That way, every member of the family will be conscious about the numerous times they change outfits.

Extra tip: Washing laundry on a full load also allows you to save water.

5. The toilet is not a trash can

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This is basic knowledge when it comes to disposing your trash in the bathroom. Never flush foreign objects down the toilet. Aside from causing blockages and possible overflow, blocked toilets also require more water for flushing.

4. Have a glass

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Have a personal glass or jug and use that for drinking water throughout the day! That way you don’t have to wash glasses over and over again. It’s only water and it’s only yours.

3. Spot the color

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Water leaks are one of the major reasons for a bloated water bill. But leaks don’t just happen on water pipes. They can also happen to water fixtures like toilets. To check for toilet leaks, you can pour food coloring in the tank of your toilet. If colored water appears in the toilet bowl, it’s a sign that there’s a leak.

2. Check your numbers


Check your water bill regularly. A large spike in your bill can help tell if there are leaks in your house’s internal plumbing.

Some Metro Manila and Cavite residents can sign up for a program called MyWaterBill by Maynilad, where you can track your water consumption pattern and even sign up for billing alerts on your phone.

To enroll in this service, just visit https://mywaterbill.mayniladwater.com.ph/personaWeb/maynilad_b2c.

1. Be wary of potential disruptions

Lastly, many maintenance activities go on every day to ensure that the water you use in your households and businesses are safe and clean. As such, there might be temporary interruptions in some areas where these activities take place.

Often, when these interruptions take place, people leave their faucets open to alert them when the water service resumes. When water resumes and the faucets are left open, though, this wastes a lot of water.

Instead of being caught unaware regarding water interruptions, Maynilad customers can keep themselves updated through free text alerts. To enroll in the service, text: MAYNILAD<space>ADVISORY<space>ON<space>Customer’s Contract Account Number<space>Name<space>Mobile Number and send to 0908-8968278.

This is subject to one time Php 1.00 registration fee.

All of us in the household can do our part in ensuring the water we use is monitored to avoid any unnecessary spikes in our bill. We may be more vigilant in following the tips above or simply better prepared through the different programs such as the MyWaterBill and the TxTubig program.

What are you waiting for? Let’s water down that bill today!

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