8 Things I Enjoyed While Getting a Little Lost in Ireland

She played the fiddle in an Irish band
But she fell in love with an English man

The sound of Ed Sheeran plays as I walk inside Dublin airport. Travelers left and right stride with confidence and purpose. The 17 hours of travel time from Manila was well worth it as I get a friendly smile from the Immigration officer. One of the passengers at the terminal even helps me out with my luggage. Outside, the wind and the sunlight give me a warm welcome.

8 Things I Enjoyed on My Own While Getting a Little Lost in Ireland

8. The Bus Ride

A 24-hour bus company outside takes me down the route I need to go to. I check the timetables as I get a move on to my hotel. Amazingly, there is Wi-Fi onboard. Just watch out as you need to listen as they make an announcement for each stop. Missed mine… twice. 

7. The Irish Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts or hotels – you can take your pick in Dublin. We stayed in a lovely hotel with breakfast in front of a courtyard. Wherever you end up, try the Irish breakfast. You can get your fill of Irish back rashers, pork, roasted mushrooms, tomatoes, plus some black and white pudding – a different kind of breakfast that will make you go,”another serving, please!” You gotta trust me on this one.

6. Guinness

A red colorful façade with an array of flowers and traditional Irish music will welcome you at the Temple Bar. Sir William Temple, a philosopher and teacher, built his property in this area. Fancy some Guinness beer? One of the best-selling beers in the world with a history dating back from 1759, there’s no better way to party. We stayed for a couple of beers and enjoyed the music. 

5. Outdoor Swimming at Seapoint

Near Dublin’s City Center is Seapoint where people can swim all year round. The whole area is clean and well-maintained. When the weather is at its best, you can enjoy the sun and bask in its simple beauty. Everybody went in for a quick dip. Such brave souls!

4. Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle, a government complex and an early 13th century castle, is one of the main attractions in Ireland. You can go on an historical tour with knowledgeable tour guides who will give you background on each state apartment that you visit. We decided to explore it on our own and enjoyed a bit of history.  

3. Castle Durrow

In Laois, you will find a country hotel that used to be a manor with amazing rooms, a rose garden, and crisp Irish air. A huge courtyard beyond, it felt a bit surreal. 

2. Being a Galway Girl

Gorgeous shop windows everywhere! Get prepared to spend a bit on boots, jewelry, and other pretty little things.

1. The Cliffs of Moher

Stillness and rough waters, this is Cliffs of Moher. It’s breathtaking, standing tall at 700 feet. It will forever be etched in your memory.

My stay was a bit short but tremendously sweet. There are a lot of places to see, as well as people who will always lend you an ear or a hand as you need. If you ever find yourself in Ireland, go for a quick tour or be bolder and discover more.


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