8 Helpful Tips for a Successful Mt. Daraitan Climb

Hiking is one hell of an adventure. It allows you to work up a sweat, clear the mind, reduce stress, and give you an epic view at the end of the trail! Not to mention, it’s good for the soul.

Mt. Daraitan in Tanay particularly boasts of a stunning view of the Sierra Madre range and rolling grasslands. With its majestic beauty, there’s no wonder why many hikers are adding this mountain to their ‘To-Climb’ list.

8 Helpful Tips for a Successful Mt. Daraitan Climb

8. Check the weather and save a comprehensive guide to serve as your reference.

Hiking, as it is, is pretty challenging. If you’re not a regular hiker, bad weather can factor in as another challenge. Before deciding on the final date for the activity, check the weather forecast to see if you should still push through or not. Once you finalize that date, make sure to have a comprehensive guide saved on your phone. There are many hiking guides posted by fellow hikers online. Read at least one to get an idea of the complete experience – from the commute and itinerary to the expenses and climb details and encounters. You may also screenshot the article, so you can check it while you’re on the way to Barangay Daraitan.

7. Learn how to navigate the place.

The comprehensive Mt. Daraitan guide is already saved on your phone. Now what? For starters, you can give the “transportation or commute” part a good look, especially if you’re coming from a far place and you aren’t familiar with the area yet. That way, you can prepare your budget in advance and save time since you won’t need to stop to look at your phone and check how to go from Point A to Point B.

6. Pack light.

Only bring what you need! Remember: you’ll need to carry your things to the peak and on your descent. The essentials for this climb include alcohol, mosquito repellent lotion, grip gloves, water, snacks, power bank and charger, umbrella, shoes/sandals, waterproof case and/or bag, toiletries, phone, cash, and credit card.

5. Prepare your body for the hike.

While PinoyMountaineer classifies Mt. Daraitan as an easy hike with a difficulty level of 4 out of 9, and trail class of 1 to 3, you should still do some stretching and conditioning exercises before hitting the trail. Many people prioritize what they should bring and how to get around than actually getting physically ready for the activity. You should know that you’ll be putting a lot of strain on your leg muscles, core, and upper body. A dynamic warmup with exercises like alternating knee lifts, alternating high kicks, and torso twists will help improve your range of motion and keep you strong. You need to prepare because you’ll find yourself scaling an almost vertical wall of sharp, jagged rocks at Mt. Daraitan!

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4. Stay hydrated and energized.

Bring at least two liters of water on your hike to stay hydrated. On that note, assess your hydration levels by being wary of signs such as weakness, rapid heart rate, dizziness, and fatigue. Also, munch on fruits (bananas or oranges), energy bars, granola bars, and nuts, for sustained energy during the activity.

3. Be determined.

There may come a time when the climb will appear too challenging to finish. Fire up your determination to reach the top, though, and you’ll definitely make it! It’s also worth remembering that it is okay to rest every now and then if you need to.

2. Enjoy the journey.

The view is spectacular at the top. It is. However, the journey is as, if not more thrilling, than the destination itself. Stay present in the moment and enjoy the journey solo or with your friends.

1. Revel in the beauty of nature.

All mountains are humbling and Mt. Daraitan is no exception. Being on top will make you feel proud for completing the challenge, and humbled as you see the enormity of the world. Take your time breathing in the fresh air and admiring the beauty of nature, meditating, having your ‘moment,’ and snapping photos to document the life-changing achievement you just accomplished!

Believe me: the glory of this place will leave you speechless. What’s the best mountain you’ve climbed so far?

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