70-year-old Man Was Accidentally Given a Circumcision Instead of Procedure He Needed

Terry Brazier, a 70-year-old man living in England, was accidentally circumcised when he went into a local hospital for a bladder procedure. The nurses at the infirmary had reportedly mishandled some patients’ notes and sent him into a circumcision in place of his cystoscopy. He was ultimately compensated for the mistake by being given £20,000 (more than P1.2 million). 

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Brazier bluntly told the Daily Star: “I went in the surgery for some Botox and they ended up circumcising me.” The botox was actually for a procedure which involved injecting it into the bladder wall for it to aid in controlling incontinence. He explains that while he was conscious during the operation, he was distracted by conversing with the staff to notice the change in procedure.

“They didn’t know what to say when they found out they’d done it, they said they can’t send me back to the ward and they needed to talk to me,” He describes of learning about the mix-up.

Andrew Furlong, the medical director at University Hospitals of Leicester, has stated: “We remain deeply and genuinely sorry that this mistake occurred, and I would like to take this opportunity to once again apologize to Mr. Brazier.” 

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